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VladTV Flashback, Outlawz Talk Tupac Vegas Shooting

VladTv posted a flashback clip of Outlawz members EDI Don and Young Noble talking in detail about the Tupac shooting in Las Vegas.

The full interview originally aired in 2017, with this clip being a small segment of it. In this part, both Young Noble and EDI talk with VladTv about the events and aftermath of that fateful night.

On September 7th 1996, after the Tyson and Seldon boxing match, the Death Row entourage changed at the Luxur Hotel. They would then head onto the Las Vegas strip towards Club 662, Suge Knight’s club. As Tupac and Suge were sitting at the lights, a white Cadillac pulled up alongside their BMW. An arm came from out of the back window of the Cadillac exposing a gun and then started firing.

The shooter sprayed the BMW with thirteen rounds. As the shooter was spraying the car with bullets, Tupac tried to jump into the back seat. Four bullets hit Pac, one of which ricocheted and hit his lung. Six days later, Tupac Shakur would pass.

Outlawz and Tupac

Recently, there has been a lot of focus on Tupac’s death due to various people doing interviews. Some believe that certain people’s accounts of the events are for clout such as Glasses Malone new music video, 2pac Must Die. One thing is for sure and genuine are the accounts of Tupac’s closest homeboy’s, the Outlawz. Although it still hurts them to detail the events surrounding the demise of their friend, they openly talk about it with VladTv.

Talking about the Tupac Vegas shooting has become tiresome as pointed out by EDI, “The story’s been told at nauseam. Everybody knows. It was a white Cadillac. An arm came out the back seat and started letting off.”


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