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Video, Photos Of Kanye West In Chicago As He Joins A Rally

Kanye West in Chicago as he joined the “Justice for George Floyd/CPD out of CPS” rally was the theme Thursday night (June 4), but demonstrators and organizers quickly took back control.

Kanye West in Chicago was spotted Thursday night (June 4) on the city’s South Side protesting at the “Justice for George Floyd/CPD out of CPS” rally.

Two nineteen year-old’s by the names of Alycia Kamil and Jalen Kobayashi, co-organized the protest calling for Chicago to invest in schools and not police.

Coming out of his black SUV at the city’s South Side, was Hip Hop artist Kanye West, who was dressed in black hoodie, black mask and with security.

West’s stay was brief, as his presence was overshadowing the good cause on hand. Twenty year-old Taylore Norwood attempted to regain control of the rally. “I would like to reiterate that this is a youth led rally, not a celebrity pop-up. You will not hijack this rally,” Norwood shouted via a megaphone. “And, if you are too big for that, then you can go home.”

Aside from his brief protesting appearance, West has also donated a total of 2 million dollars that will help towards legal fees for the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor.

Taylor, 26, was an ER technician who was gun down by officers from the Louisville Metro Police Department in her apartment, while Police were serving a no-knock search warrant.

Part of the two millions dollars donated by Kanye West, is a 529 college fund for the daughter of George Floyd. Six year-old Gianna Floyd was recently seen on her uncle’s shoulders saying, “Daddy changed the world.”


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