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Vic Mensa Claims Biggie Knew Who Shot 2Pac

2pac Shooting Still A Hot Topic

During his media run promoting his new EP ‘Hooligans’, Vic Mensa dropped a controversial freestyle. Appearing on L.A. Leakers, Vic Mensa claims that the Notorious BIG knew exactly who shot Tupac Shakur in New York twenty-four years ago. The freestyle is done over the Biggie ‘Spit Your Game’ beat.

“One day ni**as best friends and the next day on some opp sh*t / BIG knew who shot Pac, Suge know who shot BIG / Good news they not dead, they still alive when I spit / Tell them ni**as I got this, Save Money and the Roc, b*tch,” spits Vic Mensa during the freestyle.

Recently the infamous 1994 shooting has once again gained much attention when Gully Tv interviewed Dexter Isaac, the man who robbed & shot Tupac in 1994. (Dexter Isaac Talks Tupac Quad Studio Shooting) Dexter would also reveal that Tupac’s friend at the time, Big Stretch helped with the setup. Confirming these allegations about Tupac not trusting Big Stretch was ex-girlfriend Desiree Smith and Outlawz member Napoleon. (Desiree Smith Talks Tupac, Stretch & Quad Studios)

Vic Mensa isn’t the only one to make such claim in 2018, as Eminem did on the diss song ‘Kill Shot’. Read Eminem Says Diddy Put The Hit On Tupac


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