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VDJ Jayesh, Long Time Fan Talk Outlawz In Johannesburg South Africa

“The performance was beyond amazing. They blew the roof off with their performance!”

The Outlawz kicked off the Motherland Tour last night in Johannesburg, South Africa! The legendary hip-hop group have performed all across the globe but this is the very first time performing in the Motherland!

To celebrate this historic tour, we are reaching out to people who got the chance to see The Outlawz in South Africa.

Firstly the Official DJ for the opening show at Gold Reef City, Johannesburg, DJ Jayesh. He takes us through his experience of the night and how he felt being the Official DJ for the show!

At the Soundcheck
At the Soundcheck

“I was absolutely blown away when I was told that I’d be a part of an event of this magnitude. On first meeting with The Outlawz during the soundcheck, I could instantly feel the warmth, the passion, and the energy they possess”.

“They’re all so humble and I hope they get to enjoy South Africa as much as we, the rainbow nation do.
The performance was beyond amazing. They blew the roof off with their performance and the Tupac hits were the highlight of the evening.
The energy was truly unbelievable”.

The view of DJ Jayesh
The view of DJ Jayesh

“I’m a huge fan and a lover of their music, and being the DJ for their opening show in South Africa was such a huge privilege and an honor. A truly unforgettable experience!”

DJ Jayesh on Instagram

Karim Cazal

has been a lifelong Outlawz fan. So when he found out that they were touring his home country, he jumped at the chance at seeing the legendary group. Karim tells us how seeing The Outlawz in his homeland was so powerful

“I can’t get over the fact that I finally got to witness greatness with my naked eyes on the African soil”.

With Young Noble
With Young Noble

“I’m from the era of cassettes and had to bootleg every ‘Pac & The Outlawz tracks and even made my own Outlaw tape for me and my niggaz way before ‘Pac passed on, in my hood we still is The Outlawz. Last night it was so powerful I felt ‘Pac’s presence inside me. Had my two’s up all night. Like I was taken back. Outlaw Immortalz!”

Outlawz South Africa
Karim rocking his fresh Outlawz T-Shirt

Are you going to see The Outlawz live in South Africa? If so we want to hear from you!
Either Email [email protected] or DM O4L Online on Instagram


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