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Update On Tupac’s Original Masters From Universal Studios Fire

Updated on August 23, 2019

According to a declaration filed late Wednesday August 21, we now have an update on whether or not Tupac’s original masters were affected by the Universal Studios fire in 2008.

UMG attorney Scott Edelman of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP state in the declaration that Tupac Shakur’s original masters were not affected due to the fire that took place in 2008.

As previously reported the Tupac Estate sued UMG for damages owed during the 2008 fire. Tom Whalley for oversees the Tupac estate, is seeking half of UMG’s proceeds from a legal settlement. Plus insurance payment relating to the fire and half the value of what wasn’t covered.

Update On Tupac's Original Masters From Universal Studios Fire
Fred Prouser/Reuters

UMG continues their stance that no masters were affected. Adding that reports by the New York Times article ‘The Day the Music Burned” on June 11 of 2019 are false and overstated.

Part of the declaration, Attorney Edelman provided emails that were sent a day prior the original class action filing, stating that none of the artists master were affected, including Tupac Shakur.

Reported on June 22, 2019

The Tupac Estate and other highly representatives of other well known artists such as Elton John are suing Universal Music Group for over 100 million dollars.

The lawsuit stems from a fire that took place in 2008 at the Universal Studios blacklot warehouse. This is where over 500,000 master recordings in possession of UMG was in jeopardy.

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According to Billboard, UMG had told them after the fire that no master was affected by the fire. “We had no loss, thankfully. We moved most of what was formerly stored there earlier this year to our other facilities,” claimed UMG.

The recent lawsuit against UMG claims otherwise stating that UMG filed insurance claims of at least $150 million. All based on the fact the master recordings were indeed destroyed by the fire in 2008.

As seen below courtesy of HipHopDX, UMG was angered at an article published by The New York Times detailing the devastating 2008 fire.

To make matters worst the lawsuit is also claiming UMG did not any of the money with the artists. The suit goes as far as stating that UMG intentionally tried to deceive the artists by concealing the payments owed to them.

It is yet unknown which of thee Tupac master were affected by the fire.


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