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Update On Megan Thee Stallion’s Record Label Contract

Appearing on The Breakfast Club, J. Prince provided an update on Megan Thee Stallion and her contract with 1501 Certified Records.

Megan’s issues with her label 1501 Certified Records became public when the artist interviewed for Marie Clarie on Valentine’s Day of 2020 and also appearing for the very first time on The Breakfast Club. Megan stated the label was not allowing her to release any music.

Record label 1501, owned by former MLB player Carl Crawford, not only was being accused of not allowing Megan to release her album, but allegations also claimed the label owned Megan’s masters, and 30% profits of live performances.

Update On Megan Thee Stallion's Record Label Contract

After signing with Roc Nation, and being under what she calls “real” management with “real” lawyers, Megan got a better understanding of her current contract with 1501. Megan Thee Stallion insist her relationship with Roc Nation did not affect her relationship with Crawford, as the two were already at odds. “I know what’s being said is not true,” said Megan on The Breakfast Club back in March of 2020.

Despite it all Megan Thee Stallion was not looking to opt out of her contract with 1501. “I’m not trying to get released from my contract. I just wanted to renegotiate some things in my contract,” Megan explained. “A lot of things I can’t say, because it’s legal I gotta handle it in court.”

After receiving the green light from a judge, Megan was then able to release the project “Suga” on March 6th of 2020. Of course she also went on to have a huge 2020 with various awards, number one hits, and partnerships with Revlon, Coach and Fashion Nova.

But not much has been heard of when it comes to Megan and her contract with 1501 Certified Records since then. Not until now when J. Prince appeared also on The Breakfast Club and provided an update. “She’s still with 1501 and 300 Entertainment and Roc Nation is managing her,” Prince said and confirmed the contracts will be settled next week.


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