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Update On Lil Jon’s $400K Jewelry Seized By The Vietnamese

Lil Jon who’s signature and is famously known for shouting in Hip Hop and R&B songs had been detained on Friday on his arrival in Vietnam. The king of Crunk, gives an explanation and update on the situation, as he issues a statement.

The Crunk master in a statement to XXL said, get was detained for six hours at Tan Son Nhat Into. Airport for not declaring his $400,000 jewelry, and authority also seized the jewelry temporarily.

lil jon

“I was detained for about 6hrs because of my jewelry, which was also temporarily seized”. He further said that “I was not aware that, when arriving, you have to declare any jewelry [gold, diamonds, rubies etc] that exceeds $12,000. And the jewelry i had on me was worth over $400,000”.

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At the time of the incident, Lil Jon realized the issue was getting worse than speculated. So, they made a phone call to the United States Embassy in Vietnam. After the call, reps from the Embassy came to the airport, and the issue is resolved. “Immediately I told someone traveling with me to call the US Embassy when it started to look like I wouldn’t be able to leave the country until the situation is resolved. US Embassy reps came to the airport and we had a formal meeting with myself, them, and representatives from Vietnamese government”.

Lil Jon was finally allowed to leave the airport  with the help of US Embassy in Vietnam to his destination in Macau where he headed for a show.


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