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Update On Kastro And Why He Decided To Stop Rapping

Outlawz member E.D.I Mean talks to Vlad TV and gives an update on Tupac’s cousin Kastro and reveals why he is decided to stop rapping.

Kastro who is the cousin of Tupac Shakur, also was part of the legendary Hip Hop group the Outlawz. During his early days in the rap game, and before the Outlawz group was formed, Kastro along with E.D.I, Napoleon and Yaki Kadafi were called Dramacydal.

Making their debut on Tupac’s third studio album ‘Me Against The World’, Dramacydal were also part of the classic unreleased song ‘Running From The Police’, which featured Biggie Smalls.

Despite the success, Kastro never foresaw himself as an artist. “Kastro never really wanted to be a rapper,” said E.D.I during the interview with Vlad TV. Although he was extremely talented and delivered many memorable verses, it was only a matter of time before he ventured off to other aspirations that did not involve the music business. A business that he was never really fan of.

“When I speak about Kastro, I tell people that this was never Kastro’s dream. Like the rap sh– wasn’t really something he wanted to do,” E.D.I said. “I was more of me and Pac’s thing. We wanted to be the rappers. Pac obviously had other aspirations as far as acting.”

E.D.I is currently still rapping and apart of the Outlawz which now only consist of himself and Young Noble. Kastro on the other hand has completely left the music industry, and is in school studying architecture and engineering.

“He still is and was a very smart person. Very intelligent person. Always got very good grades in school. Use to help me with my math,” E.D.I explained. “And, couldn’t went to do anything. Anything he wanted to do, but he got caught up in the rap dreams that we had.”


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