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Unseen Tupac Prison Mugshots Plus 282 Pages Of Tupac Prison Records

Unseen Tupac Mugshot Hit The Internet!

Previously unseen photographs of Tupac Shakur in prison have been released. It toke just about 24 years for it to finally go public.

The mugshot photographs, which were provided by NYS Archives, show Tupac holding up a placard stating his height and weight. His height was 5″10 and he his weight stated he was 165 pounds.

Almost 300 pages of prison records and handwritten comments from Tupac and legal correspondence from different lawyers were preserved from his stay in prison 20 years ago. The records also show Tupac’s inmate number which was 95-A-1140.

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Although a lot of information is included in the documents, New York State Archives were legally required to withhold portions of Tupac’s case. They did this under the provisions of the Correction Law sect 29.2 and NYCRR Title 7 sect. 5.23.

In one of the documents is a Statement Of Evidence for an incident that happened in July 1995 involving Tupac and a correctional officer.

The statement details how Tupac was accused of making threats to one particular officer. He was found guilty of 107.10 interference and 102.10 threats which were based on the officers written and verbal testimony.

tupac rare

In another document ‘Pac is accused of being disruptive and abusive, refusing to calm down. In true ‘Pac style, he even called the officers assh****!

tupac rare document

It’s not the first time that Tupac’s prison items have been released for public view. In 2018 his prison identification card and photo sold for $10,800 at an auction. Also that same year at an auction a letter he wrote to Madonna, while he was in prison, sold for more than $100,000. A state archivist added “Tupac Shakur happens to be a prominent person. There are many other people in our 30,000 inmate case files who are largely forgotten.

View all 282 pages of Tupac’s records from Clinton Correctional Facility here


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