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Unheard Tupac Shakur Song ‘Fade Away” Leaked

An unheard Tupac Shakur track was leaked onto the internet. The song titled “Fade Away” was recorded in 1991, during the studio sessions for ‘Pac’s ”2Pacalypse Now” album.

The person who has leaked the new track has remained anonymous but left a message simply saying “Merry Christmas & enjoy!”

The leak of the unheard song comes just three weeks after 2pacalypse Now, the album that it was reportedly cut from, celebrated the 27th anniversary of its release. The album originally released on November 12th 1991.

“2pacalypse Now is a battle cry, a no-bullshit record about how we really live and really feel. Hip hop’s a mirror reflection of our culture today. Everything put on wax will be remembered and ‘Pray’ is not how we’re living in the ’90s. It’s up to the rap audience to decide the future of rap music. If you want it to be that bubblegum ‘Ice, Ice, Baby’ bullshit, that’s what it’s gonna be. But if you want it to be real, you have to stick with the real niggas. If not, they’re going to take this industry away from us. It’s gonna be a white thing, just like they did with rock ’n’ roll. I’m speaking truth. We’ve got to stand strong.”- Tupac talking about 2pacalypse Now.


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