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Tupac Unemployment Claim In Kentucky, What Really Happened [Video]

Update: Kentucky Does Have A Citizen Named Tupac Shakur

Governor Andy Beshear addressed the delays in payments for those who applied for unemployment in Kentucky. Including Tupac Shakur.

Apparently, the unemployment insurance system is experiencing delays in the payments for thousands of people due to false claims.

In a news conference Monday morning (April 27), Governor Andy Beshear of the democratic party, had this to say, “For instance, we had somebody apply for unemployment for Tupac Shakur right here in Kentucky. I’m sure that person thought they were being funny. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a little bit of time in these, because a couple bad apples can make this challenge that much more difficult.”


With over 30,000 people still waiting for their unemployment benefits to go through, republican House Speaker Davis Obsorne is searching for help to speed up the process. “We understand that this system was not designed to handle so many calls and applications. Our LRC staff have a great deal of institutional knowledge and help our constituents all the time. If they can help make unemployment benefits more accessible, we appreciate their willingness to step up.”

But, now the Lexington Herald Leader is reporting on Tuesday morning (April 28), that indeed there is someone named Tupac Shakur that lives in Kentucky!

On March 13, Tupac Malik Shakur applied for unemployment insurance after Alfalfa’s and Lynagh’s closed done due to the coronavirus pandemic. The 46-year-old cook, says he has been struggling the past month to pay bills.

Now Shakur is asking for an apology, and his unemployment benefits. “I’m hurt, I’m really embarrassed and I’m shocked,” Shakur said to the Herald Leader. “He needs to apologize. That’s just my name.”

Shakur did in fact receive a call from the Governor Tuesday morning, but like so many in Kentucky, is waiting for the unemployment benefits. “I understand, he’s dealing with a lot,” Shakur said. “Mistakes happen.”

The Kentucky native revealed to the Herald Leader, that he ended up changing his name in 1998, after his father who practice Islam had passed. Taking on the faith, the 46-year-old changed his name including his last to Shakur which in Arabic means “thankful to God”.

Governor Andy Beshear is set to re-open businesses starting May 11, and is requiring those who go out in public to wear a mask. Kentucky’s death toll is now at 213, after five new deaths were confirmed Monday (April 27).

In related news, back in the fall of 2019, a man named Tupac Shakur was arrested in arrested in Elizabeth Tennessee. The 40 year old at the time was facing multiple charges that included aggravated assault, resisting arrest, simple possession of meth and unlawful drug paraphernalia. Read story here.

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