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Understanding Neurodiversity in Counseling & Education w/ Emily Kircher-Morris

On episode 27, we welcome mental health counselor Emily Kircher-Morris to learn about the various characteristics of neurodiversity, the experiences and strengths of individuals labeled as twice-exceptional (2e), and how we can adapt teaching to fit the needs of all children.

Understanding Neurodiversity in Counseling & Education w/ Emily Kircher-Morris
Emily Kircher-Morris

Emily taught us about the characteristics of gifted children, treatment for individuals with Autism-Spectrum Disoder, ADHD, and rejection sensitivity/emotional intensity, and how we can begin to deal with bullying in schools.

Neurodiversity is a concept, describing the different ways our brains are wired, or structured, and how they affect our behaviors, traits, and ways of interacting with the world around us.

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Emily Kircher-Morris, LPC has dual Masters degrees in Counseling and Education. She specializes in working with gifted/high-potential and 2e students, including those with ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s/High-Functioning Autism, and anxiety. Emily frequently works with clients on emotional intensity, underachievement, depression, perfectionism, social skills, and bullying. She is the founder/president of the Gifted Support Network, a local nonprofit and host of the Mind Matters Podcast which can be found on

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