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Unboxing Tupac Shakur’s Funko Pop! Rocks Figure

YouTube channel WayneKo Studio unboxes the latest Tupac Pop! figure, which was released as part of the Pop! Rocks series.

Figures 158 and 159 of the Rock! series features the late great Hip Hop icon, Tupac Shakur. Dressed in a black leather jacket, gold jewelry, and his infamous bandanna, figure 158, resembles Tupac’s photo shoot for his Death Row records debut album ‘All Eyez On Me’.

In December 1995, Ken Nahoum photographed Tupac for the album, capturing the now iconic images. Ken also filmed Pac talking about the album and how he wanted to be remembered forever.

Unboxing Tupac Shakur's Funko Pop! Rocks Figure

“I don’t want to burn, I want to be forever, eternal. That’s what Outlaw Immortalz. I wanna be here forever. When I’m gone, I want my name to be here. So, to do that I gotta do more than the average man would do. I gotta set a mark that can nobody touch. And, then when I set that mark, I’ma make it happen,” said Tupac during the photo shoot.

The Pop! figure is currently available for $12 via the official funko.com web site. “He’s a really awesome looking Pop! I mean even his bandanna has the print in it, that you see in bandannas,” said Wayne as he unboxed the Tupac Pop! figure.

Pop! Rocks figure number 159, shows Tupac in his iconic ‘Thug Life’ jean overalls and stripe beanie from early on his career. It was modeled off the 1993 photo shoot by Dorothy Low which saw Tupac also wearing Karl Kani clothing.

Tupac Shakur (Photo by Dorothy Low)
Tupac Shakur (Photo by Dorothy Low)

Dorothy’s photographs of Tupac wearing the denim overalls appeared in a 1993 edition of ‘Word Up’ magazine. The fashion statement was one in which was created by Tupac Shakur himself.

This Pop! figure is also featured on the official web site at funko.com, and is currently going for $25.

Unboxing Tupac Shakur's Funko Pop! Rocks Figure


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