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UK Rapper Dave Slams Government As NHS Deals With Coronavirus

As coronavirus storms throughout the UK, rapper Dave slammed the government’s cuts to the NHS in an online rant, saying the country is “f***ed.

The 21-year-old London-born rapper, real name David Orobosa Omoregie, is no stranger to voicing his opinion.

In February, before coronavirus took hold, he branded the British Prime minister a racist during his Brit Awards performance.

This time, Dave talked about the mass amount of under-funding the National Health Service has endured over the years. He also highlighted the importance of its staff at this testing time.

In a parliamentary vote in 2017, MP’s blocked nurses pay rise at the same time cutting funding for equipment. Fast forward to the present day, those nurses are on the frontline fighting coronavirus and helping to save lives.

Taking to Instagram, the Hip Hop artist claimed the government won’t care about medical staff when the coronavirus pandemic passes.

Posting on his story to his 1.5 million followers, Dave let’s rip; “You wanna talk about selfish. Selfish is having a government that had the measures to stop an outbreak before it came but decided to prioritize other things. Selfish is the people who voted for the people destroying the NHS that everybody loves so much now.”


Government Only Care Because Of Coronavirus Crisis?

Furthermore, Dave spoke from experience as a result of his mother working for the NHS all of her life. Before the coronavirus crisis hit the UK, medical workers were made to pay for parking, sometimes at premium rates.

Consequently, with very little perks and low wages, it discouraged potential NHS workers away, leading to a shortage. With the Conservatives cutting the NHS to the minimum, Dave questions why the British public voted for them.

“How the f*** can a country elect a party that’s cut it to the point of no return. In the same breath start talking about how much they’re behind it’s f***ed.”

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Finally, he praises the public who displayed respect towards NHS staff by participating in a national applause last week. However, he questions why the NHS staff didn’t have these rights and respect before the coronavirus outbreak. He finishes the rant by simply stating, “This country is f***ed.”


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