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Tyrese Talks Meeting Tupac, Plus Shares Rare Photo

Actor and singer Tyrese shares a rare photo of himself and Tupac Shakur. Tyrese also explains how he met Tupac for the first time.

Taking to social media to reveal how he met the late great Tupac Shakur, Tyrese shared a rare photo using the hash-tag #ThenAndNow in the caption.

“I met Pac the same year I did the life changing @cocacola commercial! This was at a Motown party on Melrose! I was underage and got snuck in cause @andreharrell who was the president at the time was trying badly at the time to sign me,” explains Tyrese.

Tyrese Talks Meeting Tupac, Plus Shares Rare Photo

Moments later, Tyrese would come to realize that Tupac Shakur was also in attendance. “Next thing you know Pac walked into the spot and everyone was buzzing and as he walked through there crowd with his security and entourage I turned around to see what all the energy was about and BAM Pac was right there,” wrote Tyrese.

Luckily for Tyrese the moment was captured. But, not until years later after Tupac’s passing did Tyrese have the actual photo taken that night. “This will go right over you Youngsta’s heads…. Y’all remember them YELLOW WIND UP CAMERAS…?? Them throw away joints? Long long before digital? The joints you had to take to the store to get your pics developed?”

“I had about 20 of them shits all over my house. And one day I decided I’m going to take them ALL to @target and get them developed. And after I got 20 rounds of pics back!”

“This pic with Pac was one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This all happened 5 to 7 years after he was killed. So as you can imagine I was at home just staring at the picture in awe that I got to meet Tupac!!”

Tyrese would get the opportunity to work on a Tupac album, but unfortunately it was well after his passing. Appearing on Tupac’s posthumous ‘Better Dayz’ album, Tyrese would provide the vocals for the song ‘Never Call U B**** Again‘.

“We came too far to throw it all away / We came way too far, pretty baby / To throw it all away, throw it all away,” Tyrese on Never Call U B****.

“Working with producer Johnny J, Tyrese also spoke about the special moment. “In closing Johnny J, one of Pac’s favorite producers, RIP, who was killed in jail produced a joint called NEVER CALL YOU B**** AGAIN.”

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“And its Tupac feat Tyrese. I didn’t do the song with Pac I did the hook and it was released on the BETTER DAYZ album after he passed. But, as you can imagine hearing Pac’s vocals coming through my headphones while I was in there recording with Johnny J was f’ing insane,” wrote Tyrese closing out his story about meeting Tupac Shakur.


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