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Tyrese Had Nightmares When Sleeping At Tupac’s Mother’s Home

Tyrese appeared on AllHipHopTV where he shared an untold story about the time he slept over at Afeni Shakur’s home and why he felt Tupac haunted him.

During this particular time in the life of actor and singer, he and his ex-wife were in the brink of a divorce. This is when Afeni invited them over to her home in Charlotte. “I slept at her place and I swear to God we all had nightmares,” Tyrese said sharing the untold story.

Tyrese Had Nightmares When Sleeping At Tupac's Mother's Home

“I never had nightmares on the level that I had when I slept at her house,” Tyrese explained. During his time at Afeni’s home, Tupac’s mother said Tyrese out of everyone who wishes to channel her son, is the only that can compare. Not lyrically, but personally. With Sekyiwa Shakur in attendance who also witnessed the conversation, Tyrese was taken back by the compliment.

According the singer, John Singleton also made a similar comment when the two worked on the movie ‘Baby Boy’. As it is well documented, the film was suppose to feature Tupac as the lead role portraying the character Shariff. Directed by the late John SingletonBaby Boy was released in 2001 and Tyrese would take on the role of Shariff. Also watch: Tyrese Tells Fat Joe How Baby Boy “Jody” Was Originally For 2Pac.

Tyrese also felt the spirit of Tupac during his week visit at Afeni’s home. “And I was there and I had the nightmares that I had, literally because Pac is the alpha that he is, he probably had a problem with the fact that another grown man was sleeping at his mother’s house,” Tyrese tells interviewer Chuck Creekmur. “I don’t think he had a problem with me, I just think like whether I’m alive or still here, who is this man? Pac is protective of mom.”


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