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T.Y. Got Next, Plus DJ Don Juan Model Of The Week Farryl

This episode of The Dinner Club we welcome T.Y. and Farryl our Model Of The Week.

We open the episode by discussing Nipsey Hussle’s funeral and the impact it had not only around the world but L.A. period.

Model Of The Week Farryl Christina talks her ultimate goal in modelling while she focuses on acting. Hopes to land a role in a TV series. Farryl always explains why it is important to have a plan, “Life happens. You know, you really don’t know what happens. What’s going to be thrown your way. So, that’ my goal in life, always be independent. Always be secured.” Her preference in modelling and what kind of modelling she prefers. All this and more with this week’s DJ Don Juan Model Of The Week.


T.Y comes through with some breaking news as he announces his father B.G. is coming home soon. B.G. the former Cash Money artist, is currently on the 7th year of a 14 year sentence.

Looking to create his own lane but yet rep New Orleans. T.Y is ready to secure his spot in Hip Hop with new single ‘No Ls’. He is also goes on to discuss life growing up in New Orleans, being the son of B.G. and its advantages.


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