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Twin Artist The Bailey Brothaz Talk Art, Tupac, Daz

Tupac Art Inspiration focuses on Tupac Artwork and the artists behind the artwork. These talented twin artist, Bailey Brothaz tell us what inspired them, their passion for Art, growing up in the 90s and Tupac’s influence.

O4L Online: We welcome the very talented twin artist, Bailey Brothaz. Go ahead and introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about what you do?

Thank you. We are Carl and Craig Bailey, twin brothers and we run our own business called BaileyBrothaz. Everything to do with art we do, from drawing mixtape covers to painting murals and even giving art lessons, which we really enjoy.

Bailey Brothaz Logo
Twin Artist Bailey Brothaz Logo

O4L Online: On your website you mention you was both born with a pencil in hand. Do your family have an art background?

(Laughs) Yeah as kids we used to draw on the walls. Even though we would be in trouble for that! I think all of our family have some sort of artistic talent but we’re the only ones in our family to do something with it. And because we were given a pencil and paper since birth. Not having much and with less distractions kids have now, we have honed our skill. Its not perfected we’re still learning ourselves.

O4L Online: You guy’s are extremely talented. You do digital art, murals and even tattoo designs. Can you take us through the creative process of when a picture is being drawn for either a mural or digital art?

Sure, it helps to be inspired or interested in what we are doing which helps gets the best out of us. Also to have a wild imagination’ which can keep you up at night! But if we were drawing a digital piece, we would start sketching on paper with a pencil and perfect it as much as possible. After we have done the sketch, we then scan it to our computer and begin the line work. Then color and add fonts and effects. When we first started out technology and funds wasn’t great so it used to be a longer process, especially colouring using a mouse, “ahhh”!

Tupac Sketch
Tupac Sketch by Twin Artist Bailey Brothaz

O4L Online: Some of your artwork has been recognised by the actual person you have based your artwork on. For example the artwork of Daz Dillinger you did, he saw it and reposted it on his Instagram! Great recognition. Can you tell us about the Tupac tribute that you did on September 13th and how that came about?

Man, that was amazing! To have a rap legend you grew up listening to, not only like and repost your work but also to message and request for more. We were very grateful to Daz for that. I know we’re all human but that was special to us and we appreciate those moments in our art career.

Daz Dillinger
Cover Artwork done for Daz Dillinger

The Tupac tribute was long overdue. We have been drawing characters from movies, cartoons, and hiphop. We always planned on doing a ‘Pac picture. Normally a piece of work takes up to two weeks to complete depending on how detailed it is. So we made sure to do this a month in advance of the date of his death. On the purpose to put it up on that day to really honer the rap legend.

tupac tribute
Tupac tribute artwork, done by the Bailey Brothaz for September 13th

O4L Online: As kids you had a room full of Tupac posters and albums and when ‘Pac passed away you described it as you both lost an idol. What did Tupac Shakur mean to you and has he inspired you in your art or in any other parts of your lives?

Growing up we weren’t lucky enough to have a positive male role model in our lives but we did have each other. everything we learn was self taught or inspired from the TV we watched or the music we listened to. So, everyone one from the 90’s hip hop era was our inspiration and Tupac seemed to stand out.

We used to record all of his music videos on video cassette before YouTube. The hours we spent waiting for a Tupac video to play on MTV! We were gutted, as we are sure most of his fans were, when he past away, we were only fifteen but we had all of his albums, our room was covered with Tupac posters and even had a mural painted of ‘Pac on our walls.

>His loss was very hard to take, because Tupac was a very inspirational person, we were growing and listening to his words and using those words in our life, especially trying to make it in a difficult career path like Art. But being an artist is our dream and as Tupac said “During your life, never stop dreaming. No one can take away your dreams”
Plus just like ‘Pac’s mother, Afeni, our mother has been very instrumental to us, letting us be who we are and doing what we do best. Which we’re very lucky to have.

O4L Online: How would you describe ‘Pac’s music to somebody who is listening to him for the first time and what song’s would you recommend to them?

If we were to say to someone to go and listen to Tupac, they would most likely listen to ‘Ambitionz Az a Ridah’ or ‘2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted’ because of the dope beat! But the rapper has to grip you just as much as the music. You start listening to what he is actually saying. That’s what makes you want to listen to more of his music. So personally I would’ say listen to ‘2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted’, ‘Hail Mary’, ‘Ambitionz Az a Ridah’, but don’t stop there! Tupac’s music is much more than just a dope beat. His words are inspirational and revolutionary. Songs like ‘Dear Mama’ meant a lot to us. ‘Brenda’s Got A Baby’ is hard hitting too, we were instantly hooked.

O4L Online: With a very bright future ahead of yourselves, can you tell us about your future plans and any aspirations that you may have?

A brain stuffed and a whole whiteboard full of ideas! Everything from mixtape covers to graphic novels. We have a graphic novel called ‘Bloodz ‘n’ Cripz’ with stories from actual gang members. Also an Egyptian comic called ‘Shadow Swords’ that we wish to do more of. More years of hustle and grind and sleepless nights but we love what we do and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. We live for what we dream of.

the game by Twin Artist bailey brothaz

O4L Online: Thank you for talking with O4lonlinetwork.com. We wish you all the best in the future and keep up the great work.

We appreciate it, thank you.

Visit the very talented twin artist Bailey Brothaz website to see more of their amazing artwork. Follow the Baily Brothaz on Instagram.


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