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Tupac’s Thug Life How Long Will They Mourn Me Video Re-Released HD

Universal Music Group and YouTube have come together to remaster music videos from standard definition to HD. The new update includes an upload of Thug Life’s ‘How Long Will They Mourn Me’.

Both YouTube and UMG plan to replace over 100 music videos with them maintaining the url’s and view count. On the 25th anniversary of Thug Life Volume 1, the music video to the song ‘How Long Will They Mourn Me’ appeared on the 2PacVevo YouTube channel.

Although uploaded in 480P, the quality is much better than ever before. From the sharpness of the picture to the crisper sound quality, Tupac fans will appreciate the upload. Viewers with eagle eyes will see an appearance in the video by Dramacydal, later known as the Outlawz.

How Long Will They Mourn Me
Kastro, Edi Mean & Napoleon

How Long Will They Mourn Me is a dedication to Big Syke’s best friend, Big Kato. Kato would play a key role in funding the early years of Big Syke’s career when he was in the group Evil Mind Gangstas, known as Little Psycho. Syke first met Tupac in 1992 and shortly after led to the formation of the group Thug Life.

How Long Will They Mourn Me

A year later in 1993, Big Kato was murdered in Detroit. Remembering his friend, Big Syke said “Big Kato was like my brother. He got killed for my car. It had Dayton rims which cost twenty-five hundred dollars. They killed him for it.”

Big Kato (right)

Warren G Talks How Long Will They Mourn Me Studio Session

“During that same session Big Syke came in, and Little Syke, and Mack 10, and Rated R. They came into the studio and told Pac that his homeboy Kato had got smoked in Detroit. He was kind of f****d-up after that. Some girls came in and everybody was f****d-up and huggin’ and s***. He asked, “Warren, you got a beat for that? I wanna do a song about my homeboy.” So I threw up the beat for the song, “How Long Will They Mourn Me?” and he rapped about his homeboy Kato on the song. ‘Definition Of A Thug Nigga’ and ‘How Long Will They Mourn Me?’ were two classics we did together. I had a great experience with him in the studio, those hours we were together. We hooked up again in other sessions, but it was never like that.”


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