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Tupac’s Strange Request To The Outlawz Before His Last Days

Tupac Shakur’s last days in Vegas from the Mike Tyson fight to his time spent in the UMC, has always been surrounded by question marks. But, in this particular story shared by Napoleon, it was the days prior to Tupac’s passing that were also rather strange.

“He was in New York, ‘He was like Muh come into the room’. I went up to the room, he had a table with all his jewelry out. His Rolex watches, chains, and everything,” said Napoleon in an interview with The Art of Dialogue.

Tupac and the Outlawz were in New York for the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards. A time in Hip Hop history where Tupac would give his famous Death Row East speech in Bryant Park during the Award show after party. “Do you believe in God. Well if you believe in God, believe in Death Row East,” Tupac said dressed in a white Death Row East T-shirt with his Euthanasia chain hanging from his neck.


Tupac insisting for Napoleon to take some of his jewelry. Napoleon hesitant to take Tupac’s best jewelry settled for a bracelet. “I was so shy, that’s my homie. I wasn’t about to take the fifty-thousand dollar watch,” Napoleon explains.

But, that was not all. Tupac would continue to encourage Napoleon to take more of his jewelry. The former Outlawz member got his hands on a ring and chain. Surprised by the gesture, Napoleon left the room and told the Outlawz members E.D.I Mean and Yaki Kadafi what had just happened.

Aside from giving away his Jewelry, Napoleon also recalls something else Tupac did right before his final days. “Even before he went to New York, he bought one of those portable cameras,” said Napoleon. “He bought like four or five of them, and he just came one day to us like, ‘We don’t have enough pictures. Let’s just take pictures’. So we was just going around taking pictures, and he never had done that. This was a week before he died.”

Keyshia Cole also once shared her own story about Tupac acting rather strange days prior to his passing.

Appearing on the Steve Harvey show, Keyshia Cole reflected on the last time she spoke with Tupac. Keyshia spoke about Tupac giving her advice on guys, and telling her that one day she will be a star.

“Just giving me a lot of advice like don’t worry about things, you’re gonna be a huge star. You’re a beautiful person, and you gotta remember that guys are gonna want to love you because you’re beautiful, and also there’s gonna be another reason why they’re gonna hurt you. So, you just gotta stay focus. No matter what read, read, read. They can never take the knowledge from you.”

Although Shakur had promised to record a song with Keyshia, those final words to Keyshia Cole felt like Tupac knew he wouldn’t be around anymore. “It seemed like he was talking like he knew he wasn’t going to make it,” Keyshia explains to Steve.

These questionable and rather strange ways of Tupac Shakur still till this day are pondered upon by Napoleon.

“Even till this day, I’m like why did he. We don’t have any explanation for it. It’s definitely something that I always think about. Did he feel something? Definitely it was strange for sure.”

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  1. He was so amazing at inspiring us and moving us with his presence, words and wisdom. But he STILL had the regular negative side in him that most of us do and that’s what led him to be killed. No one is untouchable and he let his pride be his downfall. We have to actually put out what we want to receive and not acting violently is hard for most men to do. He will forever be missed and will inspire change. We must learn from all of his words but also from his mistakes. Peace Love and respect. 91766

  2. A Master Poet. Poetry never dies. Tupac was definitely ahead of his time, a young man that believed and loved the Lord very much, it is in his music Dear Mama, Life goes On and many more songs. The rap music world is left with so much unique talent, some even genius but Tupac, much like Prince is in a league of his own And all encompassing. R.I.P.
    Pac and Prince.

  3. He knew a lot about the government and they killed him making it seem like it was some biggie and Tupac beef that’s why he told Keisha Cole read read read no one can take your knowledge from you.

  4. To me, Pac telling his little homies/brothers, OUTLAWS to take a piece or two from his jewelery while he was laying on the hospital bed really makes me believe that he knew that this was really it for him. You don’t give people your prized belongings when you still have so much life ahead of you. But Pac was a good soul lost in a mad world.

    R I P 2pac, Makaveli, Thug Life, Outlaw Immortal, WESTSIDE

  5. I’m past 60, a retired Educator and a mega Tupac fan! I miss his boldness, his bravery and the vocal bravado he rendered during every song he sang! May he live on in our hearts forever!

  6. I always believed that he knew he wouldn’t live long enough to see 30. His music and beautiful spirit will always live on. We’re lucky he left us with so much music. Gone but he will never be forgotten. R. I. Paradise Pac


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