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Tupac's Father Mutulu Shakur Documentary In The Works

An official Dr. Mutulu Shakur documentary, father of Tupac Shakur, is in the works.

Titled “Truth & Reconciliation: Dr.Mutulu Shakur”, the project is approved by Dr. Mutulu Shakur. News of the project comes weeks after a public announcement was made concerning Dr. Mutulu shakur’s health.

The health announcement became public on December 14 as per the request of Mutulu Shakur. Mutulu received the diagnosis of life-threatening bone marrow cancer back in October of 2019. More on this story here.

Tupac's Step-Father Mutulu Shakur documentary In The Works
Mutulu Shakur

The documentary was announced today (January 2) via the @freedrmshakur Instagram account. Captioning a preview for the documentary with, “We have a new documentary in production. Truth & Reconciliation: Dr. Mutulu Shakur. Stories told by the men who were incarcerated, mentored and inspired by Doc. For more info on how to support and/or be featured in the documentary smash the link in bio!”

Dr. Mutulu Shakur’s biological son, Talib ‘Tyrone’ Shakur will serve as a executive directed. Talib’s goal for the documentary is to show the world the real Dr. Mutulu Shakur. The passionate, the healer, educator, mentor, and community leader that is Dr. Mutulu Shakur.

With this documentary, Talib is giving those who have stories inspired by Dr. Mutulu Shakur a chance to be heard. “I share with you my story knowing that you all have many stories with my father as well that help to shape not only his legacy, but the Shakur legacy,” says Talib.

Tupac's Step-Father Mutulu Shakur documentary In The Works
Mutulu Shakur with a young Tupac Shakur

Mutulu Shakur who was instrumental in the life of Tupac Shakur, has also touched many throughout his life.

How you can help with the Dr. Mutulu Shakur documentary

Although time and money is working against completing the documentary, that will not stop all involved from making this a reality. The goal is to raise $45,000 in 60 days.

The specific deadline is important because Dr. Mutulu Shakur has a parole hearing soon after that. In hopes of launching the documentary before his parole hearing, Talib is asking for “all hands on deck”.

For more information about the Dr. Mutulu Shakur documentary, Talib Shakur, and how to donate and contribute, please visit the official page.


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