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Tupac’s Reaction To Snoop’s NY Radio Interview Praising Biggie

In the latest installment of the Cam Capone News exclusive interview with Reggie Wright Jr, he details Tupac’s reaction to Snoop’s NY radio interview praising Biggie.

Reggie, formally the Head of Security at Death Row, has been open in his interviews. This interview is no exception, talking about the inside rift between Tupac and Snoop Dogg. It all started on September 4th 1996 when the Death Row entourage attended the MTV Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

The show marked Tupac’s final public appearance before the horrific incidents that happened in Las Vegas just three days later, on September 7th, that ultimately cut Tupac’s life short.

They held an after-party within walking distance of award show, this is where Tupac talks about Death Row East. Shortly after this infamous speech, ‘Pac’s entourage runs into Nas’s entourage. Reggie observed two men talking out their differences, albeit with tension in the atmosphere.

In an interview with Vlad Tv, Young Noble recalled the reactions of people seeing Tupac in New York. He said “I remember walking through there and Wyclef (from The Fugees) was doing an interview. I always used to stand in the back so I could watch everything. I just remember Wyclef’s mouth dropping in the middle of an interview seeing Pac, Hit em’ Up was just out, Pac was out there”

Tupac and Snoop before Tupac's Reaction To Snoop's NY Radio Interview Praising Biggie
Snoop and Tupac, the night of the 1996 MTV Music Awards in New York

Tupac was in a good mood, handing out money to people on the streets of New York. Snoop Dogg went to do an interview with Angie Martinez, where Reggie accompanied him. Angie asked Snoop about the ‘New York, New York’ song and the Coastal beef, Snoop Dogg’s reply shocked everybody. The Long Beach rapper said that he never had any problems with Bad Boy, Biggie or New York.

Tupac’s reation to Snoop’s NY Radio Interview Praising Biggie

Tupac, now in a limo listening to Snoops NY radio interview, Pac exploded in a rage from what Snoop had said. Remembering back, Reggie said; “I go at Snoop during the interview, ‘I have a problem with what you’re saying’. Snoop shrugged it off like it wasn’t no big thing.”

According to Reggie, Michael Moore, who was the security in the limo with Tupac detailed Tupac’s reaction. Michael Moore witnessed ‘Pac hit the limo ceiling and him screaming “this motherf** disloyal, f*** Snoop” and “when we get back I’m having the Outlawz rush him!”

At first, Snoop Dogg didn’t know what he’d just done. With Tupac going through disloyalty and betrayal in the past, Snoop realized when it was too late. Tupac would end up being killed a few days after this altercation. Consequently, he and Snoop never got to sit down and talk it through. Reggie believes that the two rappers would have eventually resolved their differences.


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