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Tupac’s Plan To Avoid Prison, Outlawz Made Ni**az Video Drama

Cam Capone News has put out the second part of the Reggie Wright Jr. interview on their YouTube channel.

In the first clip, Reggie talks about an incident that happened backstage at the 1995 Soul Train Music Awards. Detailing the 1996 event at the LA Shrine Auditorium, Reggie says Death Row took an entourage of about fifty. Only handful of the entourage went backstage with Tupac including the Outlawz, Suge, Frank Alexander and Reggie.

Reggie Wright Jr Details Tupac Grabbing For His Gun

The latest part shows Reggie talking about Tupac’s outlook on going back to prison. He explains that Death Row didn’t have a plan if Tupac went back to jail. At the time they were just putting out a number of songs and videos to keep the success coming.

He remembers Tupac saying he would get one of the Outlawz to shoot him, rather than go to prison. Speaking to Cam Capone News, Reggie says ‘Pac told him and Suge that he would rather die. “Tupac had no intention of ever going back to prison. I have even heard him personally say that if he had to go back to prison before he goes back he would have one of the Outlawz shoot him in the head.”

Tupac served nine months in prison before he signed to Death Row Records, who paid his $1.4 million bail. After his release, ‘Pac was all about working, making hit after hit and recording music videos.

Tupac would regularly ask about his appeal while on Death Row. Everybody on the label was very positive and encouraging to ‘Pac about his situation.

Drama On The Set Of Music Video

Reggie Wright Jr also talks about some drama at one of those video shoots. The video in question was Made N****z. The shoot took place at night after Tupac had been working on the set of a movie all day. According to the former Death Row Head of Security, a stuntman causes a few issues with the Outlawz.

“They had this stunt dude on the set that kept on messing with the Outlawz. Mutah kept saying ‘We’re going to whoop this n***** ass’. The stuntman kept agitating them to the point where they got tired of it. ‘Pac and the Outlawz just rushed him!”

You can see part two of Cam Capone News interview with Reggie below.


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