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Tupac’s Plan For Positivity After Prison Takes A Turn As Rappers Took Shots

As we continue to anticipate the release of Mutah “Napoleon” Beale book titled “Life is ЯAW: The Story of a Reformed Outlaw”, we take another look at what is to come.

Author Sulaiman Jenkins, shared an expert from one of the chapters featured in the upcoming book. Titled “No Peace Settling For War”, the chapter Mutah Beale discusses how Tupac’s transformation in jail affected Mutah, and how it was the beginning of the Outlawz chapter in Mutah’s life.

After being sentenced to four years in prison for the alleged rape charge, Tupac would reflect on all that had occurred in his twenty-three years of life. Especially the last couples of years were he became a star in the world of Hip Hop and entertainment. With the success came fame, and trouble.

Tupac's Plan For Positivity After Prison Takes A Turn As Rappers Took Shots

The following excerpt from the chapter goes into details on how Tupac’s plan for a positive life after prison took a turn when various rappers took shots at him.


Though these were happy times in Mutah’s life, recording an album with his homies, writing raps that he loved to write, getting ready to take a seat in the lap of luxury, the times at Interscope were short lived.

As they visited Pac in jail more frequently, there was no mistaking that a major transformation was underway. Initially when he went to prison, he told Mutah that he felt remorse at causing so many legal problems for himself and that once he left, he would turn over a new leaf.

Author Sulaiman Jenkins
Author Sulaiman Jenkins (@sulaimanjenkins)

It wasn’t so much for the sake of Interscope; it was his own personal reconciliation. He was determined to steer clear of trouble and stay more positive. The only problem was his enemies wouldn’t let him. While in prison, word got back around to Pac that various rap artists were repeatedly taking veiled shots at him in their music.

Incarcerated, he was clearly in no position to address them. But little did they know, they were prodding the belly of a sleeping lion. He conveyed to Mutah on numerous occasions that he genuinely didn’t have any real animosity towards anyone in the rap industry, but coming at him in this manner, in a position where he couldn’t readily defend himself, was unacceptable. For Pac, it was a declaration of war.

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Life is ЯAW: The Story of a Reformed Outlaw will soon be available via audio, print, and E-book.


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