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Tupac’s Performance @ Club 662 Was For Community Service For Hughes Brothers Incident

Reggie also reveals Tupac’s performance after the Mike Tyson fight was part of his community service obligations. The event was to be held at Club 662 on September 7, 1996. According to Reggie the event at Club 662, was for a retired police officer and his foundation. “So, he was getting credit for that, so he wouldn’t have to be working on the motherf**king freeways.”

Imagine Tupac Shakur, the biggest hip hop artist in the world picking up trash on the L.A. freeways as part of his community service. Reggie Wright Jr., says that almost became reality, “I had to go testify before the court on that like, he can’t be… this is a major superstar.”

“They was gonna have him scheduled to be picking up trash on the freeway.” – Reggie Wright Jr.

Reggie Wright Jr. explanation is with great reason. It is not that Tupac celebrity status was above the law, but rather the chaos it would cause to have Tupac out in the freeway. “Ya’ll would have traffic jams. We would have major problems.”

Watch as Reggie Wright Jr. talks about Tupac’s community service obligations.

Hughes Brothers Fight

To make this story even more bizarre, Reggie Wright Jr. claims the community service obligations was a result from an incident with the Hughes Brothers.

Tupac and Allen Hughes problems started because of a movie role. Tupac at the time was suppose to be in the movie Menance 2 Society, but was angered when he was fired by the Hughes Brothers. This lead to Tupac feeling the Hughes brothers had disrespected him. Tupac would then admit to putting his hands on the Hughes Brothers.

Tupac would express those feelings on Yo! MTV Raps in 1993. Hosted by Ed Lover, Tupac goes on to say, “They fired me but did it in around about punk snitch way. So I caught them in the streets and beat their behinds.” At this point Tupac would become animated and say he was “a menace to the Hughes brothers”. Only then to be restrained by Ed Lover.

Unfortunately for Tupac the footage of him on Yo! MTV Raps was seen by the Judge. The footage would come in to play as Tupac “can be seen bragging about what he did to the Hughes Brothers”. On March 10, 1994 Tupac would be sentenced to 15 days and jails with 30 months probation. Along with a $2,000 fine and 30 days community service.

Fast forward to now, and Allen Hughes is set to Direct a Tupac 5-Part DocuSeries. Hughes and the Tupac Estate have signed off on deal for a 5-part docuseries based on Tupac’s life. According to Deadline the Tupac Estate has granted Allen Hughes full access to Tupac’s released and unreleased material. Hughes will also have access to Tupac’s writings and poetry.


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