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Tupac's Nephew Malik Shakur's Film Debut In "Buck"

Malik Shakur is ready to make his acting debut in a film titled “Buck”. Looking to create his own path to greatness, Malik isn’t the only Shakur to pursue acting, as his uncle Tupac Shakur starred in various movies.

The independent film is about a young character named Lynn who is caught in the throes of a depressive fugue. Lynn resorts to debauchery to find joy – only to discover that happiness is a much more complicated proposition.

Tupac's Nephew Malik Shakur Film Debut In "Buck"
Malik Shakur

Directors Elegance Bratton and Jovan James take on the short 14 minute film, which features a cast of Malik Shakur, Biko Eisen-Martin, Gabe Payton, Simbi Kali, and Bruce Jackson.


Showtimes for BUCK

  • Sunday, January 26 @ 6PM, Temple Theatre | Park City Theaters
  • Monday, January 27 @ 9PM, Redstone Cinema 7 | Park City Theaters
  • Friday, January 31 @ 10PM, Holiday Village Cinema 4 | Park City Theaters
  • Satudary, Febraury 1 @ 9PM, Broadway Centre Cinema 6 | Salt Lake City
Tupac's Nephew Malik Shakur's Film Debut In "Buck"

Malik Shakur follows in the foot step of his uncle Tupac Shakur who had his fair share of movie roles. Before his passing at the age of 25, Tupac was featured on six movies.

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Making his movie debut with “Juice”, Tupac never looked back and showcased his versatility as an actor. From his character Lucky in ‘Poetic Justice‘ to Spoon in ‘Gridlock’d‘. It was quite evident that Tupac if given the opportunity would have eventually earned an Oscar.

Tupac and Malik Shakur
Tupac and Malik Shakur

A young Malik Shakur has the opportunity to not only follow in his uncle’s footsteps, but create his own legacy. Skies the limit for this talented artist in Malik Shakur, and it all begins with “BUCK”.

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