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Tupac’s Music Video Cradle To The Grave Re-Released In Higher Quality

Another Tupac music video has been re-released and exported in higher quality. ‘Cradle To The Grave’ officially re-released via Tupac’s official channel at 2PacVevo.

As reported last week by AndyO4L, Universal Music Group and YouTube have come together to remaster music videos from standard definition to HD.

Celebrating hip hop’s group Thug Life, which featured Tupac Shakur, this is the second music video that has been re-released in a week. ‘How Long Will They Morn Me‘ also went through a new transformation from standard quality to “HD”.


Although both music videos are only available at 480p, the end result is without a doubt a much higher quality than before.

Thug Life would go on to release only one album, but unquestionably the album is a must in the Tupac collection. Featuring Big Syke, Macadoshis, Mopreme, The Rated R, and Tupac himself.

Tupac's Music Video Cradle To The Grave Re-Released In Higher Quality

The original Thug Life album was never released. It was slated for a release under Tupac’s Out Da Gutta record label but the album was shelved. It would eventually released on October 11, 1994 by Interscope records. Many songs were cut from the original project.

Photographer Mike Miller captured the images that graced the ‘Thug Life Volume 1’ album. Some of those images were released for the very first time earlier this year. The photograph of Tupac holding up his middle finger is forever engraved beyond the Hip Hop culture.

Quincy Jones ‘Ironside’ was sampled for ‘Cradle To The Grave’. ‘Ironside’ would appear on the Kill Bill volume 1 soundtrack. Ironically Quincy Jones daughter Kidada Jones would later be engaged to Tupac Shakur before his passing.


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