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Tupac's Former PA Confirms Suge Knight Bailed Him Out, NOT Interscope

In another clip released by Cam Capone News, Tupac’s former personal assistant reveals if it was Interscope or Suge Knight who really bailed out Tupac in 1995, when he was locked up for the alleged rape charge. Also talks further on the Tupac and Suge Knight relationship.

According to Kendrick Wells despite conflicting reports over the years, it was indeed Suge Knight who bailed Tupac out of prison in 1995. At the time no one was making an effort to get Tupac out, but somehow Suge Knight found a way. In a 2017 documentary series about Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre titled the “Defiant Ones“, it was said that Interscope records had bailed Tupac out.

“This is what people need to consider, while Tupac was sitting in that f***ing cell for some s*** he didn’t do. All those Iovine’s and Warner Brothers affiliates, and Interscope people. Even the f***ing manager dude (Atron Gregory), um, I forgot his name that quick, but he was his first manager, Digital Underground‘s manager. None of them tried to bail him out or even tired to fix it.”

Tupac's Former PA Confirms Suge Knight Bailed Him Out NOT Interscope

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It is well documented how loyal Tupac was if he was on your side, and according to Kendrick that was very true when it came to Tupac and Suge Knight. “When a man f***ing gets you out of prison. You’re in prison. Prison ain’t s***. He got him outta prison. You’re thinking is let’s go. I’ma run through a building for you. You the only motherf***** that believed in me, when all these powerful people did nothing,” explains Kendrick. “It was obviously possible right? Suge did that.”

How was the relationship between Tupac and Suge Knight?

Describing their relationship, Kendrick says it was “interesting”. “It was like Suge had found the artist he had always wanted,” says Kendrick. “Don’t get me wrong Snoop was that too. Snoop was that type of artist. But, he had got another artist of that level. And, he helped create Snoop’s status, but Tupac came from his own build.”

“I think Tupac finally had a father figure. Tupac was building his own thing, and he was like in control, he finally had somebody who he could hand over the reigns to. And, he likes sitting there. He was like a prince to Suge’s king. He’s like ‘I’m ready to roll. I’m part of this. Its a family I always wanted. They partied liked rock stars and they worked like successful rock stars. So, I think it was positive,” says Kendrick Wells.

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Conspiracy theorist have always mentioned that perhaps Suge Knight was responsible for Tupac’s shooting in Vegas. Many close to Tupac don’t buy that, and neither does Kendrick Wells. “Later I hear negative stuff, but I never saw that with Tupac and Suge,” says Kendrick. “I think Suge loved ‘Pac.


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