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Tupac’s Final Days In The Hospital, Kadafi Saying He Would Die Soon

The Art Of Dialogue interview with Tupac’s ex-girlfriend Desiree Smith as she talks about Tupac final days at the hospital after being shot in Vegas.

Although Desiree Smith did not watch the Mike Tyson fight she remembers September 7th because she was having bad dreams all night. Desiree decided to sleep early at her home in the Bay Area.

Desiree would receive a phone call from her mother stating that Tupac had been shot and is in the hospital. “I turned on the news. The radio. I’m tryna see what the hell is going on. I heard he was shot, you know and that he was in critical condition,” says Desiree.

Without hesitation Desiree Smith booked a flight to Vegas. She would then arrive during the afternoon close to turning to evening time and went straight to the hospital. Hospital personnel was not giving her any info concerning Tupac. Instead they passed the word that someone was here to see Tupac.

Desiree smith talk about Tupac final days in hospital
Desiree and Tupac

Kidada and Tupac’s cousin would then go see who was here for Tupac. “Kidada didn’t know me. Didn’t know who I was. So she looked and was like, like I don’t know who this bitch is here.” Tupac’s cousin did know who Desiree was and went on to get Kadafi’s mother.

Tupac’s Final Days

Yaasmyn Fula, Kadafi’s mother, would tell Desiree that Tupac was in a medically induced coma. Tupac would have to have his lung and finger removed. Unfortunately for Desiree Smith she was told she would have to wait till the next day to see Tupac with the possibility of Tupac not being await.

She would then head over to a low key hotel right off the strip with what she refers to as the “boys”. One would assume the “boys” were the Outlawz.

“While Pac was alive I remember him always saying he didn’t want people looking down on him if he was ever incapacitated. He didn’t want a funeral. He didn’t want people standing over him a certain way,” says Desiree. So, for this reason, on day 3 that Tupac is in the hospital bed, she would tell Yaasmyn that Tupac wouldn’t want anyone looking down on him. Desiree requested to wait till Tupac was awake.

Tupac would never gain consciousness. According to Desiree, her decision not to walk in the room, would be one of her most regrettable things in her life.

Desiree also goes on to say that at one point Tupac was doing better and would be transferred to a rehabilitation center. “Cause him being in bed for the many days and losing his lung, that he was gonna have to learn, be able to , learn to walk, breathe and certain things.” explains Desiree. An emotional Desiree has a hard time speaking about the situation. She continues to say that everyone thought Tupac was going to be ok.

On day 7, right before he passed, Desiree remembers Afeni receiving a phone call where she was told Tupac was going under cardiac arrest. Everyone would then rush to the hospital and according to Desiree, “the rest is history”.

Desiree also talks about Afeni being strong during Tupac finals days in the hospital and after his passing. She also stated that Yaki Kadafi said he knew he wouldn’t be alive for much longer. “He could feel it coming.”

Desiree also mentions those who she saw at the hospital. Celebrities such as Snoop, Yo Yo, MC hammer and Adina Howard. All this and more including going to L.A. with Afeni and Tupac’s aunt Gloria Cox.


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