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Tupac's Close Friend Kendrick Wells Talks 'Pac's Battle Rap Days

One of Tupac Shakur’s close friends was recently interviewed by Cam Capone News. Kendrick Wells speaks about the early days of Tupac when he would battle rap, and how their friendship began.

Not only was Kendrick one of Tupac’s closest friends, but he was once Tupac’s personal assistant. “I was a very close friend of Tupac. I was his assistant for short while, but we were friends for years. Probably from ’89 to ’96,” says Kendrick.

Before meeting Tupac, Kendrick Wells already knew of him. And vice versa. At the time Kendrick’s girlfriend knew Tupac Shakur, and would tell Kendrick about ‘Pac. “I had a girlfriend that told me all this stuff about this kid who use to tap dance, do plays, and also rap. It was just really interesting. Really an awesome dude,” explains Kendrick.

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Tupac and Kendrick would end up meeting for the first time at a party hosted by a DJ who held event showcasing up and coming Hip Hop artist. Artist who would battle rap, Tupac being one of those artists. “From there we were inseparable. That was my dude. He respected where I was coming from, the things I had been through. He heard a little bit of me. Same with him, i had heard of him. His personality was through roof, like this dude is different.”

MC New York

During Tupac’s early days in Marin City, ‘Pac would go to war in these battle raps as MC New York. While other up and coming artists were more concern about getting a way to make some money, Tupac on the other hand brought something else to the table. “His raps were very – they would teach you. They would teach you about Africa. They would teach about black issues, they told a purpose.

Tupac's Close Friend Kendrick Wells Talks 'Pacs Early Battle Rap Days
Tupac, 1989

Although, Tupac’s raps contained substance, he was not to be played with. Tupac was at the time also known for his battle raps. “He wrote a lot of battle raps,” explains Kendrick. “He was the best. Anybody who went at him got destroyed. He ate it up so bad, they would fight him, or wanna fight him, or hit him.”


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