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Tupac Would Call The Coronavirus A “Plandemic” Says Snoop Dogg

Plus the world owes Tupac an apology

Snoop Dogg appeared on IG Live with Fatman Scoop where he gave his thoughts on what Tupac would be saying or doing in 2020 when it comes to the coronavirus and police brutality.

When asked by Fatman Scoop what Tupac would have thought about the coronavirus, Snoop felt Tupac would call it a “plandemic”. “He would have said it was a conspiracy. That it was a plandemic. That it’s a man made thing to try to control what we control,” Snoop Dogg said.

Snoop also believes the world would owe Tupac an apology, just as he feels the NFL owes an apology to Colin Kaepernick for condemning him as he stood for justice against police brutality.

“He would probably have more records that make sense now, like he has those old records that make sense now. People would have to hear him and say that he’s not just some young thug, he’s a young black man speaking truth to something that has always been there,” Snoop Dogg explained.

This past week Snoop also had said Tupac’s music was more relevant than ever. Protests all over the world can be seen as the protesters sing, dance, and protest as they play Tupac Shakur ‘Changes’. As a result the 1998 hit would re-enter the iTunes Top 100, climbing to as high as number 25.

One can only dream of Tupac Shakur protesting and leading us all in 2020. For Snoop Dogg he is almost certain Shakur would have a problem with the current state of Hip Hop and the lack of substance in the music.

“First of all, these wack a– rappers, and this soft a– cream puff s— that’s going in the industry, he would have a big voice against that,” Snoop said when asked what Tupac would be doing or saying if he was here today. “He would make it a must to abolish all that weak s—, because he’s one to really understand and respects Hip Hop for the culture, what it was built on and what it was built for.”


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