Tupac Vegas 1995 Video + Outlawz Club 662 Performance [Rare Footage]

The Tupac vaults have been opened once again. More rare video has been released. Tupac Vegas 1995 video plus footage of his performance with the Outlawz at Club 662.

The video kicks off with Tupac and Danny Boy recording and providing the commentary as police officers are making a spot. “We now have four cars. Four cars at the scene for this one stop,” says Tupac.

Tupac’s performance in Club 662 had been previously released. This newly released footage features different recording cameras for the performance.

Tupac Vegas 1995 video with the outlawz
Kadafi, Tupac, Hussein Fatal @ Club 662

Tupac can be seen performing Ambitionz Az A Ridah followed by When We Ride with the Outlawz. When We Ride was featured on Tupac’s double album. Big Syke, Napoleon, Kadafi, EDI Mean, Hussein Fatal and Mopreme can be seen performing in the video.

Tupac Verse, When We Ride

My adversaries crumble, when we rumble it’s a catastrophe
Out for revenge on bitch ni**as that blasted me
Plus, my alias is Makaveli
A loaded three-fifty-seven with hollow points to a ni**a belly
Bust him to see if he bleed
He shoulda never fucked around with a sick-ass ni**a like me
They call my name out and ni**as run
Best be prepared for the Outlawz, here we come

Hussein Fatal Verse, When We Ride

They call me Hussein Fatal, it’s a two-game table
I’m robbin’ ya ni**as’ cradle with a knife in your navel
Rap-related, criminally activated and evil
I wouldn’t wanna be you behind my f**kin’ Desert Eagle
‘Til the end, I’m tellin’ all friends and enemies
You see what I got to make you freeze
To touch me, you need ten of these
Complete most wanted on the streets of the East coast
Young Gunz fire and ni**as bleed, I see Mo

2pac + Outlawz 662 Performance

  • 16:03 Ambitionz Az A Ridah
  • 17:36 When We Ride Feat. Outlawz, Mopreme, Big Syke
  • 22:26 So Many Tears
  • 27:00 All About U
  • 31:52 California Love


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