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Tupac Upset At Show Over Yummy Sandifer Killing

On September 3, 1994 Tupac Shakur’s performanced at the Mecca Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The labor day weekend performance was also to feature artist such as Spice-1, Scarface and Exscape. Tupac made sure his performance stood out from the rest when he expressed his anger from the killing of Yummy Sandifer.

yummy sandifer
Promotional poster for the show

On the way to the show, Tupac read about the killing of eleven-year-old from Chicago named Robert ‘Yummy’ Sandifer. Yummy, whose nickname comes from his love of cookies, was a member of the Chicago gang, the Black Disciples. He participated in various crimes including armed robbery and murder.

On September 1st 1994, Yummy was murdered by members of the gang, with fears of him becoming an informant. The story of Yummy certainly stuck with Tupac, with his name appearing in songs on Me Against The World. A picture of Yummy can be seen in the background throughout his 1995 prison interview.

yummy sandifer
Yummy Sandifer

With the killing of Yummy Sandifer fresh in his mind, Tupac takes to the stage to perform his set, opening with ‘Bury Me a G’. During the performance, he saw members of the Black Disciples in the audience. Enraged that they could kill eleven-year-old child Yummy, Tupac spoke directly to them. Halfway through the second song, ‘Pac stopped the show for a moment of silence for another unrelated child murder. No sooner the music stopped Tupac yelled; “You better stop killing those babies or else I’ll murder you myself.” This in direct relation to not only the murder of the young girl but to the murder of Yummy Sandifer.

Chaos At The Mecca Arena

As a result, this sparked members of the audience to throw coins at the stage, with Tupac offering a 200 dollar reward for the offender. Tupac said; “He will get you paid, but he will die tonight. You can flash them gang signs if you want but I’ll kill all you muthaf****! This is Thug Life!” Members of Thug Life were present on stage, offering people to come to the stage to test their gangsta.

The chaos on stage followed Tupac off the stage into his dressing room as the police kicked the door. After searching the dressing room, they found two semi-automatic guns. Consequently, Tupac was dropped from the Phat Rap Phest tour.

Just a few days later, a Milwaukee Police Officer was shot and killed by two seventeen-year-olds. Curtis Walker and Denziss Jackson claimed that they were listening to Tupac just before they committed the crime.

Reaction To Tupac’s Outburst


EDIDON of the Outlawz was present with Tupac at the show in Milwaukee. In an interview with Vlad Tv, Edi describes Tupac’s view of the situation.

“There were a lot of dudes in the crowd throwing up gang signs. Gangsters loved to come to ‘Pac’s shows. Certain songs that he would do that would send them over the edge with them throwing the gang signs. ‘Pac isn’t looking at like they’re saluting him. They really just enjoying the music and the fact that he up there, this is how they celebrate. But ‘Pac is thinking about Yummy Sandifer and he lost it. It turned into an ugly situation.”

Raymond Boyd (Journalist who attended the show in Milwaukee.)

“As I was leaving, people who had been in the audience were saying, “What was wrong with him?” “Has he snapped?” “We all could have been killed!” And we could have! I was shocked and saddened. Why did this happen? I had just witnessed another chapter in the troubled life of Tupac Amaru Shakur.”


“He was pi* off like it was his kid. I picked up my Glock and the chair and I walked out there with him. I’m like ‘calm down, chill out’ but they couldn’t get mad at the motherf** because he didn’t want that s* to happen. That s* just ain’t cool.”


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