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Tupac Unconditional Love Rare Version Leaked (Music Video)

Tupac Unconditional Love unreleased version has leaked via YouTube. the music video that is. This version has different scenes and is edited differently than the original.

‘Unconditional Love’ originally written for M.C. Hammer by Tupac. Appearing on Hammer’s 1998 album ‘Family Affair’.

Unconditional Love would also appear on Tupac’s Greatest Hits album. Introduced as the album’s second single. Produced by Johnny J the song also featured Nanci Fletcher.

The music video which was filmed in January 1999 features rapper Tha Realest who portrays Tupac throughout the video. Tha Realest can be seen acting as Tupac in a recording studio during the music video.

Suge Knight Says 2pac Spoke About Faking Death

Come listen to my truest thoughts, my truest feelings
All my peers doing years beyond drug dealing
How many caskets can we witness
Before we see it’s hard to live
This life without God, so we must ask forgiveness
Ask mama I got this urge to die
Witness the tears falling free from my eyes
Before she could reply
Though we were born without a silver spoon
My broken down TV, show cartoons in my living room (hey)
Tupac, Unconditional Love

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