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Tupac Uncategorized Opening In Los Angeles

Tupac Uncategorized
Chi Modu

If you’re a fan of Tupac, NWA, Notorious BIG, Nas or other American hip-hop greats of the 1990s, your going to love uncategorized, an exhibition featuring some of Chi Modu’s most iconic Hip Hop photographs.

Born in Nigeria, Chi, who was once the Director of Photography at The Source Magazine, is known for the definitive portraits he has taken of some of the most influential rap stars at the height of their careers. Chi’s work has seen many magazine covers including Rolling Stone magazine.

He has teamed up with HVW8 and adidas Originals to bring ‘UNCATEGORIZED’ an exhibition of photography by Chi Modu. Announcing it on his official Instagram page, the exhibition will have on display some of the most iconic pictures in Hip-Hop history. The exhibition is described as being a celebration of Hip-Hop’s creative energy and ambition.

For the past month, in July to early August, the ‘Uncategorized’ exhibition was open in Berlin, showcasing Chi Modu’s timeless images. The exhibition opening is in Los Angeles on August 24th at 6pm until 10pm at HVW8 Plana, Wiltshire Blvd. It will run until September 23rd 2018.

Tupac Uncategorized
Chi Modu, Instagram

Tupac UncategorizedOn speaking about the first time he worked with Tupac in May 1994, Chi had this to say,
The first time we shot the photos, me and Pac’ became friends. He was the only one I sent home because my equipment didn’t work so he came back the next day.”

“After we did the famous picture of him tying his bandana and all that stuff, he ask me to hang out with him. I took a writer and art director with me and we all just hung out. After we parted ways, I don’t even know how that night ended to be honest“, Chi Modu says.

This shoot produced a few of the most iconic photographs of Tupac, one of the shots was used for the cover of the September 1994 issue of The Source Magazine. On remembering his first shoot he done with Tupac, Chi goes on to remember the last shoot he did with him, in December 1995 with The Outlawz at the Wyndham Belage Hotel in West Hollywood.

I caught up with him again and that’s when we did the L.A. sessions. He did some push-ups and got ready. You can see in that session how comfortable we are together. When you see the blue sky, Pac and The Outlawz there, you have to remember there’s a camera there.”

Tupac Uncategorized
Chi Modu, Instagram

“It just looks like they’re living their life. The point is that I became one of them and my camera being present didn’t change anything. That’s when you’re able to get the more personal and human shots. Everybody was released. I was shooting and drinking beer“, Chi fondly remembers.

Find out more about the December 1995 shoot here


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