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Tupac Shoots Two Cops In Atlanta, E.D.I Retells The Story, He Was There

E.D.I Mean, member of the legendary Hip Hop group Outlawz, not only rapped on many classics with Tupac, but also a childhood friend of Shakur. E.D.I witness first hand when Tupac shot two off duty police officers.

Unfortunately, just like with any story, it has taken a life of it’s own. Not only taking a life of it’s own, but many doubting the shooting of the two off duty officers ever happened.

Yes, Tupac did not know at the time he was shooting at two off duty cops, but one thing is for certain, Tupac wasn’t going to back down. And, as EDI said, “Cause I know the way I know him, he wasn’t just going to ride past that and just be like aight, hope you figure it out homie.”

Tupac Shoots Two Cops In Atlanta, E.D.I Retells The Story, He Was There
Tupac and E.D.I (Photo by Chi Modu)

E.D.I is referring to the two individuals, who had gotten into an altercation with an African American. The incident was showcased a bit differently in the Tupac biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’ for a more theatrical view, but still holding on to the core of what went down that night.

Luckily, E.D.I Mean was there to tell the story twenty-six years later. EDI via his official Instagram account went onto defend his comrade, as ‘Pac till this day has plenty of those who still hate on him, and/or try to take away from his legacy.

Thirty years later, E.D.I, caption a screenshot of the actual newspaper article from the incident, with the following, “This is why I laugh when I hear any slander against him. 99 percent of your fav rappers would’ve kept it movin… Even the guy he was helping testified against him smh. But they were Dirty cops, so he won anyway. After this shit happen we went upstairs and this guy performed Dear Mama for a room fulla girls like nothing happened.”

The incident took place on Sunday October 31, 1993, after Tupac performed at the Clark Atlanta University. During an interview with VLAD TV, E.D.I further explain what happened that night.

“He had a show. His homecoming. Had a show at Clark Atlanta. We was already living in Atlanta, so he was coming through with a few people that was already on the road, and pretty known for traveling with him. And, he was like, ‘Yo I got a show at Clark, we gon do the show. ya’ll be ready’.”

After the show, and on the way back to the hotel, the mood quickly changed. “So, we went and did the show. The show was a success. We coming back, celebrator mood, everybody looking forward to the night festivities. When we pull up to the hotel, we really couldn’t see what was going on, but it looked like a fight. Now as we got closer, we seen it was two white guys jumping a black dude,” E.D.I explained.

edidon tupac two cops

At first, Tupac was trying to park his new BMW 750 and head upstairs to his hotel room. “Initially it was just like ‘ya’ll get out the way we tryna park, cause it was right at the entrance way of the hotel we was pulling up into. It was just about trying to get them out the way. But, upon further inspection you see they kicking this dudes ass really. They working him over. They giving him the business. And, immediately ‘Pac jumped out the car,” E.D.I said during his interview with VLAD TV.

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“We got a caravan of cars, it’s about seven eight cars coming with us. Everybody is walking up. ‘Pac was in the lead car, so everybody is coming up to see what the f*** is going on. By the time we actually get up there this is when a gun comes out and it’s pointing at ‘Pac’s sternum.”

“They was going back and forth, and like I said a gun came out from one of the white dudes. Now at the time we don’t know they cops, it’s just two white boys beating up a black dude. They was off duty, it’s not like they was in uniform or none of that,” E.D.I recalls.

“So, a gun comes out and ‘Pac pulls up his shirt and was like Thug Life motherf***as, shoot! That just stopped the cop in his tracks. He didn’t know what to do at that point. He was just standing next to ‘Pac’s car, brand new BMW 750, he had just bought. And, he [Off duty Police Officer] just broke the window with the butt of the gun, and started running.”

At this point Tupac would end up pulling out his gun and shooting at the two off duty police officers. As EDI recalls, Tupac, “Got down on one knee”, and with two shots hitting out of three that Tupac fired. One of those shots would connect right on the butttocks of the off duty cop, and the other hit in the abdomen.

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“At the time we didn’t even know the bullets hit, cause they had gotten a pretty good run,” E.D.I said. “The night continued. I remember he had just did Dear Mama, and he was really excited about the potential of that record. It wasn’t the version that we all know.”

EDI is referring to the original version of Dear Mama which featured vocals from Yo-Yo. DJ King Assassin recently interview The Art Of Dialogue, where he claims Ice Cube’s jealous is why the original Dear Mama version was never officially released. More on that story here: How Ice Cube’s Jealousy Affected Tupac’s Original Version Of Dear Mama.

The next day, Tupac was arrested as he would then find out that the two white individuals he shot at, were off duty police officers. Tupac was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and released Tuesday morning November 2nd on $55,059 bond.

At the time his hearing was scheduled for December 1st that would have determined if the case needed to be sent to a grand jury.

The officers had their own side of the story. The Atlanta police said the shooting occurred after two cars carrying Tupac and his party almost struck the two men and their wives as they crossed a city street early Sunday morning.

Tupac’s lawyer at the time, Kenneth Ellis, said “They have a person on whom they can lay a case initially and it may sound good because of what my client is identified with,” Ellis said. “But when you look at the bare facts, the only crime appears to be the actions of these two officers.”

“I mean it was proven that they was drinking, and that the gun that they had pulled out was from another case they had gotten out of evidence locker,” E.D.I explained further.

Although this story was publicized, it wouldn’t be the only time Tupac stood for something. Only those close around him, such as E.D.I would witness first hand. “He was already a superhero to us,” says E.D.I. “To be honest with you, there was some cats around, street certified cats around ‘Pac, carrying guns that froze that day,” says E.D.I. “It was other dudes that you would expect to be the ones, and ‘Pac was the one that reacted first.”


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