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Producer Details Relationship With Whitney, Faith Evans and Tupac

The Art Of Dialogue latest episode is an in depth look at the Delray Richardson interview. Showcasing the relationship between Faith Evans and Tupac.

In January, Delray claimed that the story of Treach introducing Tupac to Faith Evans in a club was lies. He saw Tupac and Faith Evans talking with each other before going into the club.

This fascinating tell-all interview highlights Delray investigating Faith Evans’s book, titled ‘Keep the Faith: A Memoir’. The book details her personal experience with Tupac and her time around Bad Boy Records.

Last month, in part two, Delray tells the story of how the Tupac and Faith song came about. In October 1995, Faith agreed to record ‘Wonda Why They Call U Bitch’ for $25,000 for the session. Delray also sheds light on Tupac’s well-publicized claim of having sexual relations with Faith Evans.

Tupac, Faith And Whitney Houston

Part three of this interview, Deklray reveals that Whitney Houston cheated on her husband Bobby Brown with Tupac while the drama with Faith was unfolding.

Bobby Brown spoke about Whitney’s relationship with ‘Pac saying the affair f****d him up. In an interview Bobby said; “We were together in September 1996 when we found out Tupac had been killed. Whitney balled her eyes out, crying for days over his death. Her tears were painful for me because I knew what that meant. My wife was mourning the passing of a lover.”

Delray Richardson
Tupac & Whitney at Waiting to Exhale soundtrack release Party

Delray Richardson touches on the invitation Tupac received for the ‘Waiting To Exhale’ release party, which Faith also attended. Faith Evans described Tupac, who was sitting in the same row as Whitney, as “chummy” and “friendly.” Faith described in her memoir that she had seen Whitney from across the room. Whitney gave Faith a look that Faith interpreted as “Oh word? You’re with him?”

Delray Claims Faith Evans Is A Liar About When She Really Met Tupac


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