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Tupac Prison Discussion With Desiree Smith

An interview done by The Art Of Dialogue with Desiree Smith reveals details of what Tupac was thinking the day he signed with Death Row Records and talks about Tupac prison letter.

In a letter that Tupac wrote, he states that Desiree was the witness to him giving David Kenner permission to negotiate his contract on his behalf whilst in prison. On the bottom of the letter, dated July 30th 1995, the signature of both Tupac and Desiree are present.

tupac prison

A couple of days prior to Suge and David Kenner, Desiree visited Tupac at Clinton Correctional Facility. ‘Pac’s aunt, Yaasmyn Fula drove her to the prison as she was on her way to see him. Desiree stayed up in a suite and meeting up with some of the Outlawz within them coming days.


The day that Suge and David Kenner came to the prison, Desiree was already present visiting Tupac. She describes ‘Pac as excited but apprehensive about signing with Death Row.

After about an hour of her being there, Suge and David Kenner walk in. She describes Suge as a ‘larger than life presence’, wearing jeans and a red shirt. A discussion ensued about what deal was on the table with Tupac looking through detail on paper. Happy what he heard, ‘Pac signed and asked Desiree to sign as a witness.

tupac prison
Polaroid picture of Tupac & Desiree in October 1995

Immediately after they signed, Kenner left but Suge stayed talking with ‘Pac for around fifteen more minutes. Once Suge left to catch his same-day flight back to LA, Tupac reflected with Desiree on what was to become a life-changing event. Overall Tupac was in a happy mood, as he knew he would be out soon.

Fresh Outta Jail, Out On Bail

Once Tupac flew back to California once released from prison, he sent a flight for Desiree to visit him. She got to the Beverly Hills Hotel where Tupac presented her with a friendship ring. This was token of gratitude from ‘Pac for being there for him whilst in prison. Later that evening, all his friends, including Desiree, went to Monty’s in downtown LA for a celebratory meal.

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The next day Tupac took her to the studio where he played her tracks that he was working on. Listen below to find out how Desiree pitched an idea for a song to Tupac.


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