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Tupac: Pour Out A Little Coffee?

Tupac Coffee anyone? Kith & Kin creator and executive chef, Kwame Onwuachi tributes Tupac the best way he knows how, in the kitchen.

Kwame Onwuachi’s Kith and Kin restaurant is located in Washington D.C and recently was named one of the top 100 resturants in Washington by @washingtonianmag.

Kwame using a high tech coffee printer serves lattes with Tupac Shakur’s image.

Tupac’s dedication doesn’t end with just Coffee. Bartender Jeremy Ross from Sense of Thai St. has his own tribute to the Hip Hop legend. Located in Ashburn Virginia, Sense of Thai St. restaurant serves a tequila cocktail with Tupac’s image. Tupac’s drink is part of the cocktail menu under “hip-hop highballs”. Biggie Smalls has his own brandy version.

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Ross tells the Washington City Paper about the process, “My process is kind of like the edible sugar paper you see on cakes. I found some rice paper and printed the image on that. As soon as you place it on the top of the cocktail, it kind of dissolves into the egg white, leaving the printed image behind.”


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