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Tupac And Mary J. Blige Relationship, Limo Incident

In an interview done by YouTube channel, The Art Of Dialogue, Reggie talks openly about Tupac’s relationships with various females. Some of which were well known artists. One of those relationships was that of Tupac and Mary J. Blige.

Reggie Wright Jr. goes on to explain that Tupac and Mary J. Blige did indeed have something going on. Even though at the time Mary and K-Ci of Jodeci were in a relationship.

Reggie recalls one night at three in the morning hanging around Suge and Tupac. During this night, Mary J. Blige and K-Ci would getting into a huge argument at their hotel.

“I Remember picking her up on this little side street. She jumped out of a window. I don’t know if she was like on the first floor or the second floor. She came running out the hotel on the side building,” says Wright. After that Mary J. Blige and Tupac would go on to hang out that night.

Reggie Wright Jr also touched on the fact that he witnessed a separate occasion when Tupac and Faith were alone together. This time in the studio. There has been speculation over the years about a room at Death Row Records, used as a discipline room. According to Reggie he never witnessed any of that happening but did know about the room where people went to “get their freak on.”

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It was in this room, when Reggie Wright Jr was doing his security checks, that he saw Tupac and Faith together. He recalls seeing the pair sat on a couch, with ‘Pac trying to put Faith’s head towards his pants! With not wanting to disturb and intrude, Reggie didn’t stick around to know the outcome of this intimate moment.

Songwriter Delray Richardson also confirmed the Tupac and Faith Evans interactions. Delray appeared on The Art Of Dialogue earlier this year talking about Tupac and Faith Evans. He told of events around Tupac and Faith recording together on the song ‘Wonda Why They Call U Bitch’. On completion of the song, Faith visited the Peninsula Hotel where ‘Pac was staying and went into his room. Full story of Delray Richardson talking about Faith Evans

reggie wright jr tupac
Tupac & Sarah Chapman in Hawaii

Wright also sheds light on Tupac’s relationship with Sarah Chapman, who later on, had a child with Puff Daddy. It was just after his release from prison that he and Suge took their love interests at the time to Hawaii on vacation.


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