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Snoop Dogg Talks Tupac Madonna Weed Story With Howard Stern [VIDEO]

As told to Howard Stern on The Howard Stern Show, Snoop Dogg recalls a hilarious Tupac Madonna story. Recalling of a time when Tupac visited him on Saturday Night Live. Back in 1994 when Snoop Dogg appeared as a solo musical act on SNL, Tupac gave him a call asking where he was at.

“He was like what’s up, where you at. I was like I’m at Saturday Night Live. I aint got no dope. That when it was hard getting weed over here on the East Coast,” Snoop Dogg remembers.

Tupac who was in New York, wouldn’t waste any time to save his friend Snoop. He showed up backstage at SNL (Saturday Night Live) with a bag of weed and Madonna, which Tupac dated back in the nineties. A relationship confirmed by Rosie Perez and Madonna herself.

Tupac once wrote a letter to Madonna while in prison, breaking up with the pop icon. A letter that was made public much to the disappointment of Madonna. Madonna would fight for her right to keep the later but ended up losing. New York Supreme Court Judge Gerald Lebovits dismissed Madonna’s lawsuit against her former friend Darlene Lutz. The judge states the statue of limitation to recover her items had passed.

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Madonna’s defense was that she never knew Darlene Lutz was in possession of Tupac’s letter until she read about it online in 2017. The Judge wan’t buying her defense one bit especially with the fact that Madonna back in 2004 signed a settlement agreement relinquishing ownership to every item Lutz possessed. Madonna was also advised by the Judge to sue her own brother, Christopher Ciccone, since he gave some of the items to Darlene Lutz.



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