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Tupac Janet Jackson Prank By Outlawz Member Hussein Fatal

If it wasn’t bad enough that Janet Jackson changed her phone number after the Poetic Justic movie set. A Tupac Janet Jackson prank by his own Outlawz member could be worst.

It’s well known Tupac and the Outlawz were more than just a rap group. Hussein Fatal spoke a lot about the camaraderie and love they all had and gave many examples in interviews.

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Not many people know that Fatal was ‘Pac’s “sidekick” when it came to going to clubs and partying. Not to mention the rest of the Outlawz were much younger during that time. Tupac would wake him up in the middle of the night and they both would head to the club.

One thing Tupac liked about Fatal was how street smart he was. If he was told don’t bring a gun when they were out in California, Fatal would pack. He always had ‘Pac’s back and vice versa.

Hussein Fatal
Hussein Fatal & Tupac

One particular time ‘Pac and Fatal were in a shop at Melrose Place in California. After seeing a Janet Jackson lookalike, Fatal decided to play a practical joke on Tupac.

“We were in this shop and I see this lookalike Janet Jackson. I let her walk by I didn’t say nothing. Three minutes passed, I’m like ‘Yo I think I just saw Janet Jackson’. Pac turned around like ‘Where? where she go? Why the f*** you ain’t tell me where she was at you stupid Motherf****’. He went and chased this lady down and it was a f***** lookalike!”


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