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Tupac Inspiration Stories To Kickstart New Decade

2020 is upon us and still, we are hearing stories of Tupac inspiration and how it motivates people across the globe.

Throughout the O4L Online Network exclusive series, Tupac Inspiration, we have brought you some truly inspiring stories. For some, they might have already been fans of Tupac or familiar with his music, lyrics and work. While others may have only discovered him through tragic circumstances, finding comfort and gaining strength and encouragement from him.

tupac inspiration

Tupac’s life was short, complicated, with many layers filled with happiness, anger, death, success, the list goes on. Nobody can take away the impact he’s still having on today’s world from young to old. Angie Thomas, author of the New York Times Best Selling Novel ‘The Hate U Give’, put it best when speaking about Tupac inspiration exclusively with O4L Online. She said, “through his songwriting, he could make you think, laugh, cry, get angry, get inspired, and then some.”

Below are just a few of the stories that will give a flavor of the impact that Tupac Shakur continues to have. If you want your story of Tupac inspiration featured get in touch using the contact page at the bottom. Alternatively, email [email protected]


I grew up with Tupac’s music and there is no one who comes close to him. His music always accompanies me and become a big part of my life, his old-school character in general. So I immortalize the king on my body and he will always accompany me.

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Celina’s Tupac tattoo

Nbs Rap Productions

The Outlawz have inspired me, I have learnt so much from them. In turn, the Outlawz have learnt so much from ‘Pac, he’s a great teacher.

tupac inspiration

Ranley Chiefcalf – Alberta

I have the t-shirt that the Outlawz signed. Tupac was an icon to me when nothing in the world seemed to make sense. It wasn’t that he knew all the answers but some sort of connection was there. I don’t how but he helped through a lot, I hold that t-shirt today.

tupac inspiration

Imakak472011 Bomb1st Forum

Tupac practically raised me because my pops were always out doing his own thing. He tried to instil racist beliefs in me. All it took was a blunt ride after ‘Pac passed listening to the 7 Day Theory and I was hooked. Next thing you know I went back and listened to the ‘All Eyes on Me’ album on our first home computer. At age seventeen, I was like a kid in a candy store. I remember always searching and finding more music, it was a free-for-all and I loved it.

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‘Pac always had a song for any mood I’m in. Listening and searching for more music kept me out of trouble. It helped me develop my own ideas about racial equality and love for other ethnicities in general. There’s always going to be bad apples in any race but that doesn’t mean we blame an entire group of people. To this day his presence is as strong as ever worldwide. R.I.P. 2pac, Makaveli Lives On!

Remedy – Bomb1st Forum

He definitely motivated me to do better in life. A lot of things he said both in interviews and in a lyrical form that is motivational. Often times people don’t realize it. I can’t help but remember the Clinton Correctional Facility interview where he recites Me Against The World lyrics. “That’s motivational like a motherf****” when questioned about the message in his album.

A few off the top that always stayed with me:

“Always do your best, don’t let the pressure make you panic” – Me Against The World

“I’d rather go to college, but this is where the game stops” – Still I Rise

I went to college and knew that not everyone had that opportunity, I didn’t take it for granted, like many. While there, I made the most of it, including helping others of every race in study sessions for years. ‘Pac taught me to value knowledge and to share it. Others benefited indirectly because of ‘Pac and don’t know it to this day.

Lebetsa Ramatobo

I love Tupac. His songs made me realize that in life you must be careful of the environment and people around you. Sometimes I feel like crying when I listen to his songs. My phone is full of his photos, music, I love Tupac until I die. I’m strong because of his music, he opened my blinded eyes.

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