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Tupac Inspiration Still Being Found All Across The Globe

Tupac has inspired me to always persevere regardless of the competition – Christopher Eric Calhoun

Tupac Inspiration and his messages are still felt across the globe even to this very day. ‘Pac once said that when he died that he wanted his name to live on, he has achieved that and more.

In previous parts of the Tupac Inspiration series, we have heard of ‘Pac inspiring, motivating and guiding people from all across the globe.

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O4L Online Network caught up with another six people who each share a little something on how ‘Pac has influenced them. Read on as we delve into more Tupac Inspiration stories!

Christopher Eric Calhoun

Tupac has inspired me to always persevere regardless of the competition, which was three times his own stature. Being homeless for over five years, asking for no hands helped me learn to hold my own and still bless others, whilst going through my own storm. ‘Pac inspired me to rhyme when he exited with an ounce of training to make a G. His words of wisdom through his albums and interviews motivated me to keep it pushing whilst watching others say one thing and go do the other.

I got so much love for my big brother ‘Pac. I’m doing my best as a lil homie, born October 1st 1979, to clean and clear up the dirt dropped on his name. I do this by maintaining the Facebook group and supporting the Outlaw Immortalz Any Way I Can! GOD BLESS YOU, Andy. #O4L #SALUTE

Kirsten Coté

Tupac Inspiration
Kirsten’s Tupac tattoo “Keep Ya Head Up”

Believing is trusting in something you KNOW.
Having faith is trusting in the UNKNOWN. I have faith in Tupac. “Keep ya head up” above many others is my all time favorite. It spoke to my heart. He understands what my heart can’t explain. He’s GREATNESS.

Frane, Croatia

I remember being a little kid, maybe 6 or 7 years old, listening to my sister’s music. The likes of Nelly, Ja Rule, Pink, all those late 90’s to early 2000’s music. There was always one guy with the bandana standing out, he had something in his look and in his voice!

I remember the next year I had the album ”Greatest Hits” and from that point on it was ON! All my childhood hours spent glued to the cd player playing every possible song, getting new cd-s back in the day 2004, 2005 wasn’t as easy as today. Every cd was like the best Christmas present ever, still collecting with my twin brother to this day.

We are 24 years old, still representing here in Croatia, still keeping the legacy alive, we’ll never stop. Tupac is part of who we are today a part of our life, our growing up, his voice, his legacy. He means so much that people don’t even get it. Thank you to ‘Pac for keeping me company throughout my years of becoming who I am today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it’s still on and it will never end! We love you and we will keep you alive forever, peace and love from Croatia! RIP TUPAC

Adam Shaw

Tupac Inspiration
Adam’s tattoo dedicated to ‘Pac

I love Tupac! ‘Pac is a talented man who ruled the world and the most inspiring quote I have heard is “You know it’s funny when it rains it pours. They got money for wars, but can’t feed the poor.” This song that also inspired me was the song called So Many Tears. I dislike it when people talk bad about him and say he wasn’t real, it’s disrespectful to me, others and Tupac.

Tupac is definitely a legend because that man changed everything he could. If I had the power to bring back one person, I’d bring ‘Pac back because the rap music we have today is complete garbage! If Tupac was alive today I would love to see Eminem and Pac being a hip-hop duo.

I’ve been listening to ‘Pac since I was seven years old my father had the All Eyez On Me album. He played it on a CD player and I loved it and I became a huge fan of Pac. Thanks to my father I will always love ‘Pac. He deserves to be more recognized and didn’t deserve to die. Thoughts go to his friends, homies and his family, rest in peace Tupac, I love you.

Matt Hyde

To most people in today’s generation ‘Pac might be just another rapper but to me it’s more personal. For me he is and always has been my life coach. Even though he’s not here physically, he left us with enough of his work and mind to really appreciate how much of an amazing human being he really was. He’s been my role model growing up, he inspires me so much every single day! I didn’t have much growing up and he taught me a lot of life skills that I still use today

He wanted to change the world, as he said it himself. “I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee I will spark the brain that will change the world”. He did just that he did.
Tupac forever has a home in my heart.

Moe Kayhlane – Rapper, South Africa

In my view, Tupac was living his lyrics. I think he has opened doors for young black rappers around the world. He shown many folks how we should do things. In 1994 he said: “he’s not here to change the world but he guarantees that I’ll spark the brain that will change the world”. He fights for what’s right loving people who always dedicated to what they do and so on. I’ve learned so many things from him to the point my EP came about from Tupac Inspiration. The name of my EP is Me Against the World

A big thank you to everybody above for sharing your Tupac inspiration stories. For the people who missed out this time, we will include your stories in the next edition. If you want to share your story, please get in contact. Email [email protected], comment below or inbox any of our social media pages found at the bottom of the page.


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