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Tupac Inspiration: Part Two

A Whole Generation Inspired By Tupac

Tupac inspiration and his message is still being felt across the globe even to this very day. ‘Pac once said that when he was gone that he wanted his name to live on, he has achieved that and more.

In the part one we heard from three people who have been inspired, influenced or guided through their lives by Tupac’s lyrics, poetry, message etc. Since then we have heard so many more inspirational stories of hope, passion and success, all influenced in some way by Tupac. More Inspirational stories here

Shawntay Gorman

tupac inspiration

Shawntay is a self taught artist, she tells us how inspirational Tupac has been in her life.

“Tupac influenced me at a young age. His words, advice, artistry, knowledge of culture’s, his families background of freedom fighters; hes not just a rapper to me. He is an artist. A true creative genius. Plus, we both have the same Sour Patch kid spirit.” @taystyart

John Rhymer

John is a Hip Hop artist hailing from the North West of England. He tells us how growing up and all throughout his life he and his music has been inspired by Tupac

John Rhymer
John Rhymer

“Tupac for me, was a teacher, his words guided me through so many dark places but also a soundtrack to some of the greatest memories in my life.”

I mean my parents hated it. Me from the age of twelve through to sixteen (when i moved out) bumping all curse words! But it was much more than that for me. It was the stories in ‘Brenda’s Got A Baby’. The good morals of ‘Keep Your Head Up’ (and the second part on ‘Still I Rise’, ‘Baby Don’t Cry’). The love of Dear Mama it was all amazing! @JohnRhymerOfficial

“There still hasn’t been a Hip Hop Artist anywhere near the influential level of ‘Pac. People can compare him to whoever they want, Tupac will always be the true Legend of Hip Hop in my eyes and of Revolution within Music.”

Check John’s music out, heavily inspired by Tupac

Rebecca Knight

“At the beginning of 2018 I went through something very personal, ‘Pac got me through. He has taught me to believe in myself, to be strong, to stand up and fight for what I believe is right. I now feel like I am my own person with my own thoughts and that’s thanks to him. He has opened my eyes to what’s going on in the world. For every mood,I have a selection of songs to match. To me ‘Pac is a leader, he has an amazing soul, and a huge heart” @Rebecca.Knight

Eugene Tolan

“Tupac Shakur has been a big inspiration in my life. I was in my teens when i first heard ‘Brenda’s got a baby’. It was so real and raw and didn’t sugarcoat anything, that is what made me take an interest in ‘Pac. I was in jail at that time and when I read in to who Tupac was and who his family was I was intrigued. I loved reading as a teenager and it turns out ‘Pac loved reading too.”

Eugene goes onto tell us how buying a Tupac album and listening to it, he identified with what Tupac was saying.

“When I was released I bought his album ‘2PACALYPSE NOW’ and instantly fell in love with Pac. His lyrics touched me so much and I could identify with what he was saying. The way he wrote his lyrics and the story’s he was telling astounded me. ‘Pac came from the gutter and became the worlds greatest rapper. It’s a shame he never got to see his legacy.”

“He inspired me as I came from a low working class family and I was lucky I had my dad but I took the wrong road at a young age. Pac showed me that it’s possible to grow no matter what background you come from.. The rose that grew from concrete.. A brilliant Tupac quote.” Check Out Eugene’s Facebook group dedicated to Tupac

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