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Tupac Impersonator Goes Viral After Performing At Wedding

Imagine having a music icon perform at your wedding ceremony. Well, this became somewhat of a reality over the weekend when newlyweds, Chris and Kaitie, had Tupac impersonator Richard Garcia perform on their big day.

As we all know, Tupac died on September 1996, as a result of a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. However, since then his legacy has carried on growing each passing year. With that being said fans will do anything to have Shakur apart of their lives.

This was true for Chris Cooper and Kaitie Lin, both fans of Tupac Shakur, who wanted to mark their wedding with the closest thing to Tupac. Enter Richard Garcia, a Tupac Shakur tribute artist. Dressed in white, with a trademark bandanna on his head, Richard wowed the audience knocking out hit after hit. Richard, also a teacher from New Jersey, satisfied those in attendance, including the bride and groom.

“Everyone who knows me understands I’ve been a huge Tupac fan literally since I was 7 years old. I cried for an entire month when I was 8 when he died,” Chris Cooper tells Andy host of the Heart of an Outlaw show. “Having Richard make an appearance at my wedding was like a dream come true. That’s why everyone started screaming when they saw him because everyone knew how much Tupac meant to me.”

Richard’s recorded performance went viral the following day, as it was posted on WorldStarHipHop Sunday (August 23). Garcia becoming a hot topic, would also see Tupac’s former label mate and Hip Hop icon, Snoop Dogg, get into the fun. Re-posting another video of Garcia impersonating Shakur on his official IG account. A selection of comments on Snoop’s post jokingly plays into the conspiracy theories that Tupac is alive.

Sharing the same birthday as Tupac, Richard received Afeni Shakur‘s blessing as a Tupac tribute artist. Speaking exclusively to the O4L Online Network in 2019, Richard tells us of the moment Afeni gave him her blessing. “Afeni told me to continue doing what I’m doing because my heart is in the right direction. A very spiritual thing happened after that when Afeni and I hugged one another and were both in tears. It began to rain on us and she had to go. Before she went, Afeni said, ‘Please keep doing what you’re doing just always keep it in the positive light’. That summer rain in the bible belt of Stone Mountain left a memorable and heartfelt feeling in my soul. That feeling I will remember for the rest of my life.” (View the full interview here.)

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