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Tupac, Ice Cube Claim Best Diss Songs Says Khujo Goodie

One-fourth of the legendary Hip Hop group Goodie Mob, Khujo Goodie puts Tupac Shakur’s “Hit ‘Em Up” and Ice Cube’s “No Vaseline” as his top two diss songs of all time.

Khujo Goodie, and fellow members of the Goodie Mob, had the pleasure of being the first artists to hear the classic diss song “Hit ‘Em Up”. Featuring the Outlawz, Hit ‘Em Up took aim at Biggie Smalls and the Bad Boy records camp.

Tupac’s claim of having sex with Biggie’s wife Faith Evans, plus 5 minutes of the lyrical assault aimed at Lil Kim, and Lil Cease. And, who can forget Tupac’s closing words on what many call the greatest diss song of all time.

Tupac, Ice Cube Claim Best Diss Songs Says Khujo Goodie
Tupac, Hit ‘Em Up music video shoot

At the time, Khujo Goodie had no idea they was the first to hear the diss song. Not only did he hear it, but he was in studio while Tupac recorded the song! “At the time I didn’t know that we were the first ones to hear that. So, we just walking into the studio, and Tupac is in the booth, and all I hear is my n**** Goodie Mob in the house,” Khujo explains during an interview with VLAD TV.

“Little did I know that was gonna be on the “Good Life”. So, we hear the “Good Life” and we hear “Hit ‘Em Up”, in that same night,” said Khujo Goodie. “He was on a roll, and I was just a spectator really just seeing how he did the s***. It had to be one of the most surreal moments in my life to see that guy in the booth at that time.”

“He went in man. That’s right up there with “No Vaseline” to me. You see what I’m saying, cause with “No Vaseline” Cube was unapologetic. I’m talking about calling names, and all that type of shit. So, I think Tupac was coming from that vine right there.”

Back in 1991, Ice Cube dropped “No Vaseline” off his second studio album “Death Certificate”. The song took aim at Ice Cube’s former group, N.W.A.

Cube who left the group due to royalty issues, dissed Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, MC Ren, and DJ Yella. Not to mention, Jerry Heller, whom Ice Cube blamed for causing the rift between members of the iconic group.

Many have debated which is the best diss song of all time. Cube himself felt Tupac went too far in the classic “Hit ‘Em Up” diss song. “I think he went to far. If I’m mad at you trust me I could think of five verses for just you I don’t have to go at your family, your kids, your whole life. It’s one on one mano a mano in a way,” said Cube speaking to Rob Markman for Genius.

For Khujo Goodie, he places both Tupac and Ice Cube’s diss tracks on the top of the list.

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“If you’re in Hip Hop and you’re trying to do something classic, you got to revert back to the greats. Pull back from that, just to make your shit that much lethal. And, it was a lethal injection what he did,” said Khujo Goodie.


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