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Netflix’s Hip Hop Evolution Features Tupac on “A Tale of Two Coasts”

Season 3 of Hip Hop Evolution premiered on September 6 and features Tupac Shakur. The Tupac episode on Netflix’s Hip Hop Evolution titled “A Tale of Two Coasts” comes a day before the anniversary of the 1996 Vegas shooting which resulted in his departure.

Hip Hop Evolution is a Canadian music docuseries that originally debuted on HBO Canada in 2016. Since then the series has landed a new home with Netflix with Season 2 and 3.

“A Tale of Two Coasts” is nothing new of what we have seen before. The episode takes on the well known ride of the Tupac and Biggie beef, as well as Tupac’s Death Row days.

The 37 minute long episode features the likes of Tupac’s step-brother Mopreme Shakur, Outlawz member EDI Mean and Shock G of Digital Underground to name a few.

EDI Mean talks about A Tale of Two Coasts a Tupac episode on netflix for Hip Hop Evolution
EDI Mean, Hip Hop Evolution

Although what we see in the episode “A Tale of Two Coasts” has been told before, it’s still a must . The episode features stories from those that haven’t been heard from before, such as Leila Steinberg and Angie Martinez.

Leila Steinberg held poetry classes in Oakland where she met Tupac in 1989. Tupac and Leila hit it off to the point where Tupac stayed with Leila and her family.

Angie Martinez on the other hand, worked for New York’s Hot 97 during the very tense time in Hip Hop. Angie would interview Tupac Shakur at his California home. An interview that Angie till this day has not released. Claiming she did not want to add to the fire.

Childhood friend and Outlawz member EDI Mean recalls the day Tupac passed, “I don’t really remember what I did. All I remember it just being like probably the shittiest day of my life, you know what I mean. Not really being in my body at the time.”

How To Watch Hip Hop Evolution

The Tupac episode on Netflix’s Hip Hop Evolution can be seen with a paid subscription of Netflix.


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