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Tupac Erotic Drawing For Ex-Girlfriend Desiree Smith Sells For 21K

Tupac Drawing Sells For Over 20 Grand!

On December 24, 2018, Tupac’s erotic drawing to Desiree Smith was auctioned. Steiner Auctions held the auction. The erotic drawing was created by Tupac while he was incarnated at Clinton correctional Facility in Dennamora, NY in 1995.

tupac drawing desiree smith

According to TMZ, the artwork was sold for 21K! When visiting the official site of the bidding, you can now see that it is closed. Also on the site you can view the drawing and envelope in which it was sent. The drawing earned 10 bids during the time it was in auction. With the finally bid selling for $21,155.75. All that we know at the moment about the new owner of the drawing is that its a male.

tupac drawing
Stenier Auctions


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