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Tupac’s Death Row Contract And Finance Details Explained By Reggie Wright Jr

In another exclusive interview with Cam Capone News, Reggie Wright Jr. talks openly about Tupac’s Death Row contract and finances.

Talking about how Tupac and Death Row Records linked up, Reggie explains that it was a business decision on both sides. During the time of Tupac’s incarceration, many celebrities visited him, including Madonna. Reggie believes that these people could have put up ‘Pac’s bail if they wanted to, but chose not to. That is where Suge Knight and Death Row came in and put up Tupac’s bail, in return for him signing as an artist.

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Addressing rumors of Tupac wanting to leave Death Row, Reggie shuts the claims down. He recalls the famous Death Row East speech in September 1996, praising the record label and talking about the future of the company.

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Tupac Shakur and Marion Suge Knight (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Backing up Reggie, former singer Danny Boy, questioned why he would want to leave the lifestyle that he was living. He said: “look at the videos, look at the things, what is he leaving for?”

Death Row Looking After Their Artists

Since Tupac’s death, it’s been said that Death Row owed Tupac royalties from record sales. But Reggie delves into the details of how things work in the music industry and breaks down his expenses. Reggie tells of a clause in ‘Pac’s contract that for the first 180 days after the release of his album, the label did not have to provide any royalties. The former Head of Security reveals that for the 180 days after the release of All Eyez On Me, Death Row funded Tupac’s lifestyle and expenses.

He points out that during this time, Tupac stayed in the best hotels for months on end and drove luxury cars. On top of that to come out of the royalties were bills for studio time and security. Another expense was to pay artists who appeared on the record. “You’ve gotta pay for side artists. People always say ‘why ‘Pac paying for Nate Dogg’s child support?’ It was billed that because Nate Dogg appeared on two songs on ‘Pac’s album.”


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